Mom’s Night Out Nailed It!

Looking for a feel-good, laugh-out-loud film that’s perfect and relatable for any mama? I highly recommend Mom’s Night Out!





Just watch:

There are too many scenes that I loved in this movie to mention in one post.

And you know what? I don’t want to write them because I want YOU to go see them in the movie theatre.

Why Mom’s Night Out Will Be Appreciated By SO MANY Moms!

This movie, this movie! Mom’s Night Out nailed it. All the funny things, the worries, the hopes and dreams, they are all in this movie and in the best way.

Are you having an impact on your children? Are you a good mother? Do you have so many stresses in a given day that they make you ‘stressed-paralyzed’ (a new expression from this movie that I will never stop using)? All of these questions are touched upon in the movie in a very funny and very real way.

Here’s the thing, these movies are hard to come by. You know what I mean (please refer to my last post/rant). Finding a funny movie usually entails crudeness, sexual content and laughs at the expense of others to the point where you feel uncomfortable (at least I do).

I am more than thrilled to promote Mom’s Night Out in any way I can because it is a great movie that features mamas in a real, strong and heroic role.

You Just HAVE To Watch It!

Mom’s Night Out opened Mother’s Day weekend and if you haven’t seen it yet, take the time to give yourself a night out and see it. You will enjoy this movie so much. Here are my top reasons for seeing this movie immediately:

1)      You deserve to see a movie that will make you feel like the rock star hero that you are. And let’s face it, movies that portray stay-at-home moms in that role are hard to come by (if at all).

2)      You can go with other mamas, your own mama, and even your own kids (if they are older than about ten years old) and not worry about one awkward, nasty, crude or offensive part.

3)      Support a movie that is real and meaningful on so many levels. We could all use a feel-good movie that reminds us all what being a mama is all about.

4)      Just like the main character in this fabulous movie, you could use a mom’s night out!

And here, mamas, is my favourite quote of the movie:

“Life is about finding the meaning and the joy and the purpose in the chaos and crazy and knowing that God is with you on the good days and the bad days.”

Now, set a date and go see Mom’s Night Out. You’ll love it (did I mention the main character is a mommy blogger?).

PS Stay to watch the credits for some sweet extras 😉

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Looking for a feel-good, laugh-out-loud film that's perfect and relatable for any mama? I highly recommend Mom's Night Out! Check out my full movie review.

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SFout July 18, 2017 at 3:14 pm

This movie is great! My daughters and I have so much fun watching it together and dancing during the bowling party at the end!

Julia a.k.a Mama MOE July 18, 2017 at 6:37 pm

That bowling party is so fun, isn’t it? Glad you liked the movie!


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