Shh…It’s National Speech and Hearing Awareness Month #HaveYouHeard

Perhaps hearing and speech problems do not affect your family but it’s always good to learn more in order to prevent any possible cases for problems in the future. Especially when noise induced hearing loss is one of the leading causes of hearing loss.

My children went for their first audio screening and passed with flying colours. After that, it seemed like a done deal. But there are quite a few things to help keep children in a good standing for their hearing.

Rowenta shared information with me that was pretty surprising but makes perfect sense. One in four Canadians report having some hearing loss, but few are aware of the impact of everyday household noises on hearing and how to protect it. A recent study claims some of the biggest appliance offenders in the home are vacuum cleaners.

According to audiologists, choosing the quietest household appliances is a foolproof way to help protect your hearing. This, I believe. I, personally, am very sensitive to loud sound. Not only am I a light sleeper because of any small noise, but any machine on in the house can actually bother me. Our washing machine in located in the bathroom off the kitchen. If that door isn’t closed while the machine runs, I go a little nutty. The sound can interfere with my concentration. So I am sure that many sounds combined can have a negative affect for children as well.

Rowenta collage

Rowenta’s come out with a new Silence Force Extreme vacuum collection that is much quieter than other vacuums. The vacuum I reviewed boasts that it can reduce the decibel level to that of an everyday conversation. When I read that I was skeptical. And not only that, I thought if the vacuum was that quiet, it must mean the unit wouldn’t be as powerful. I was wrong.

The new Rowenta vacuum cleaners are as silent as a conversation

The new Rowenta vacuum cleaners are as silent as a conversation

The Rowenta Silence Force Extreme vacuum has three different floor attachments, all of which have a large surface area and very strong suction, which allows for an excellent job. The suction is so strong, I had to get used to gripping the handle properly! And the noise level is much quieter, noticeably so. You can hear someone call your name when you are vacuuming, and you can also carry a conversation above the noise of the vacuum. Compared to the three other vacuum cleaners I have used over that last few years, this one takes the cake.

There are a myriad of accessories which allows you to use your vacuum for every surface area you can think of! Once you use the small accessories the noise level does go up but I am still extremely impressed with this vacuum for both noise reduction and performance.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, I recommend the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme. It’s got everything you need to rid your home of dust and debris and the best part is that it is so very quiet.

Audio Infographic TIPS

I hope the infographic above is helpful in aiding your family environment to be less noisy. Keeping the machines quiet leaves room to hear the loud belly laughs of the kids – and that’s a way better sound 😉


Disclosure – I was given the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme to conduct a review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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