Your Toddler’s First Bike

Ah, spring! We have waited long enough for it in Montreal this year, don’t you think??

I’m not going to mention that there might be another round of snow falls because I do not believe it. I WILL not believe it.

So instead, I’m focusing on spring and all the things it brings. For my little ones, getting back on their bicycles is an activity they have been desperately waiting for. As soon as the roads are clear of snow, they want to take out their bikes, even if it means riding in their snowsuits!!

Is this the first time your little one will ride a bike? If you have been trying to decide on a bicycle for your toddler, look no further. I have found the best one out there. It’s called the B-Bip by Mamma Cangura and it is a perfect first bike for your toddler.

I didn’t discover this amazing bike while my three children were in the toddler stage, so I wasn’t able to have them use the B-Bip. But thanks to my guest writer and friend, Mama Rebecca, I can share with you the best things about the B-Bip for your child. Here is what she has to say about it:

There are several things I love about this B-Bip balance bike:

  • It is lightweight – which is very handy as I sometimes pack it onto the stroller after I drop my son off at daycare.  Despite its light weight, it is very sturdy and has stayed in great shape despite taking a beating!
  • It has an adjustable seat height– we started at the bottom and have made our way to the top!
  • It has plastic handles to cover the hands – in case your child should slip and fall, the hands are protected – the handle covers also block the wind in colder weather!
  • The tires are non-inflatable – which means no flats. Ever!

The B-Bip in general is an amazing way for kids to get comfortable on a bicycle.  They have all the control and learn how to balance and coast.  We essentially skipped the training wheel phase and went straight to the 2-wheeler!

So there you have it! A mama’s first-hand experience with the B-Bip and how amazing it is. And just a note, the B-Bip is extremely durable because she is now using her bike with her second little one.

Thanks, Mama Rebecca!

Here’s a video of the B-Bip in action:

To find out more about Mamma Cangura, the B-Bip and stores that sell them, visit

I want to say a special thank you to Mamma Cangura for generously donating both a B-Bip and Mr Fox child carrier to my charity event, Shopping from the Heart, two years in a row! Rebecca actually won her B-Bip from the silent auction and clearly was thrilled. Thank you, Mamma Cangura!

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Rebecca April 8, 2015 at 1:36 am

Thanks MamaMOE for posting! We have indeed just taken it out from winter storage last weekend for little N to try, and it was love at first sight (ride?). Looking forward to another couple of years with it!


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