7 Gifts You Don’t Have to Leave Home For

Christmas is SO soon….and it seems like everyone just got the memo. The shopping malls are filled and the parking lots are packed. You might have a few important people in your life to get a gift for still, so what should you do?

Do not leave the house. I repeat, do not leave the house.

This list will cover you and you won’t even have to put pants on. Keep sipping your coffee, check on the kids, continue baking or cooking, sit back at the computer and get these gifts in 10 minutes flat.

Experience gifts are something that more and more people are talking about and for good reason. If you are fortunate to have what you need, and maybe even more, what is really wanted at Christmas is quality time with family and friends. And although I still believe in giving the traditional gifts to unwrap on Christmas morning, especially for children, these are some very exciting alternatives that are sure to please.

1.For the music lover: Check out the calendar of performances going on in your area for the months ahead. There may very well be an awesome singer coming to town in the near future that your partner or friend would love to go see. Great sources for Montreal performances are:

2.For the artist / artist lover: an annual membership to a museum is a great gift for a friend who loves checking out exhibits and perusing the permanent collection for inspiration. Or why not sign them up for an art workshop or schedule an art date together?

3.For little ones: Disney On Ice is coming to Montreal in March. And even though that seems like a long way off, it would be such a sweet present to give a little one. Make it into an afternoon event with supper included and you have a wonderful date with a very thrilled little person.

4. For the traveler: Texture is an amazing subscription-based app (now Apple News) that allows you to read hundreds of magazines (in English and French) on your tablet of choice. This is an incredible gift for a mama. Not only is it eco-friendly and cost-effective, but after travelling with kids once, you will know that the desire to have 3-5 magazines will never outweigh (literally) the need to have your bag less heavy. A simple download before takeoff with let you browse tons of magazines on your tablet of choice. A great bonus is that you can read back issues of any magazine as well. The subscription is on a monthly basis of $9.99 with a 30 free-trial. You can gift someone a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription and print them a card (or send them an e-card if they are far away).

Card to A

It’s a little cheesy but I still love making and receiving these special little cards.

5.For the movie buff: Make a gift card to the movies special by adding two fake ticket stubs, a picture of the movie you want to go see with your friend and a list of dates you can actually go. It makes for a great presentation and a thoughtful gift you can enjoy together.

6.For the mama: nothing beats a spa day. Babysit your friends’ little one and treat her to an hour or two of pampering at a spa. And if you are lucky to find a spa with a kid-friendly facility, you will make a new mama who is nursing SO happy.

  • Lifeoria is a great example of a spa that caters to mamas

7.For the world changer: Free The Children & UNICEF have powerful gifts you can give to someone who is a global giver. Examples are an education for a child, a goat or chickens to a mother in order to earn a living to support her family. There are donations in every price range, and this is something that will make a real difference to people who need help. I donated 3 educational packages in the name of my children’s elementary school and sent an e-card to the principal letting him know that I value the wonderful education my children are blessed with and have honored that by donating to others in the school’s name.


Husbands, you cannot go wrong with this last suggestion.

For your lovely wife, order a monthly subscription of fresh flowers! You cannot go wrong with this. And every month your partner will have a reminder of how special she is to you.

So there you have it. Something for everyone. All meaningful, all easy and all amazing. And still no pants needed.

You’re welcome.

PS I do not encourage a pantless society, I simply hope you are cozied up in your pjs at home instead of in the crazy rush that is last-minute shopping in the malls.

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