New Year Resolutions for a Mama

You are a mother, so most likely, you have decided that this new year you will do more for your child, or perhaps more for others. I have another suggestion.

Being a mother channels your gratitude, love, patience and understanding, but it also shines a bright light on self-doubt, anxiety and much, much more.

I created a list geared to new mamas, but make no mistake, this list can be for seasoned mamas too. We all need reminding sometimes… So here, mama, is a New Year’s Resolution list for you to keep as a mantra on your wall. Savour it and let it hang in all its glory for everyone to see.

  • I resolve to be as proud of myself as I am of my child.
  • I resolve to appreciate the moments handed to me in this new role as mother.
  • I resolve to express my happiness as well as my many other emotions, so that my child will understand that everyone, including Mama, has feelings too.
  • I resolve to help other mothers when I can, in small or big ways, knowing we are all in this together.
  • I resolve to embrace the fact that my schedule may change on a moment’s notice and understand that the moment is bigger than the schedule.
  • I resolve to turn off the phone, turn out the lights and sleep at a dissent time for my own health.
  • I resolve to feed myself more than cold coffee and leftovers from my child’s plate because feeding myself as well as my child will help me stay focused and strong for both of us.
  • I resolve to appreciate the God-given exercise that is taking care of a child and not let anyone tell me otherwise.
  • I resolve to be kind to myself, to listen to my feelings, and to acknowledge if and when I need help.
  • I resolve to sit and savour the good times and reflect on the difficult times and know that all of it together makes motherhood.

Another important note is to learn to say no. I wrote about this in more detail, here. Saying no is something that does not come easily, so read what I wrote and see if it resonates with you.

Here’s to a new year filled with self-appreciation, self-love and self-understanding. Because one of the greatest gifts we can give our child is the knowledge that we value ourselves.

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