Six Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids

Happy holiday vacation! Now that the kids are home, most likely, they have kept themselves busy so far. Our first Saturday after school let out for Christmas, we all just lounged around in our pyjamas. All day. And it was GLORIOUS. We needed it.

And due to the fact that we were all sick at some point (sometimes twice) over the past month, our decorating happened over time and not just in one day. In fact, one major nativity we put up every year was just put up this weekend. And that’s ok. In fact it’s even nicer! Preparing for Christmas over the month lends itself to a more peaceful prep time.

Anyhoo, the point is that now the kids are home and they will be looking for things to do. So here are some ornament crafts they can make with you for their friends, family members or your very own family tree.

  • Candy Cane: This one has been around forever and could not be simpler. You will need red and white beads, and a pipe cleaner. That’s it! It’s great for little hands and practicing dexterity and colour patterns.
  • Tin Soldier: This is painted on an old fashion wooden peg. The soldier’s hat is a large black pompom. Add a little detail with some gold glitter glue and voila! The cutest thing is that the peg sits into a branch of your Christmas tree!
  • Rudolph: Like the tin soldier, this ornament is made with a different type of wooden peg. Glue two down and one up to make the shape of the reindeer. Paint it brown, then add a mini pompom nose in red and a white one for its tail. Mini googly eyes finish him up, and if you want you can add a little felt for a leaf near his ears. Because this piece is a little heavier, adding a string to hook onto a branch will help it stay in place.
  • Gingerbread: this is by far the easiest of them all. I found these cardboard shaped ornaments at a local craft store. All the kids had to do was make the face of the gingerbread boys. You can get more creative than this or keep it simple.
  • Candle: I was unable to find the exact beads we used for this craft recently, but I think if you do some searching at a specialty craft store, you might find them. Once you do have the beads you like, thread them through a pipe cleaner and add an invisible thread for a hook. Choose any colour beads you want for the candle. We have green, red, white, clear and blue on our tree.
  • Wreaths: With different colour and shaped beads in green and red, you can create a sweet wreath. A green pipe cleaner matches well for this ornament. My son added clear beads too for a little sparkle.

Some of these ornaments on our tree date back to when I was a little one and my mother made these with me in our kitchen with my sister. I still remember those moments and cherish them in my heart. Taking out each ornament each year brings back those memories of crafting with my mama. Crafting can strengthen relationships, it lends itself to more conversations, and lets our creativity out, all at the same time. It may seem unnecessary or messy or even boring to you, but I guarantee these are moments that will stay with your children well beyond their childhood.

I hope you enjoy your time together over the holidays, whatever you do.

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Silvia D December 13, 2016 at 10:28 pm

cute crafts! Love keeping all the crafts my kids made and make for the tree! Fun to have them for the memories! i treasure them all!


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