A Day Full of Deliciousness Awaits! Les Foodies Festival Hits Montreal Once Again

Would you categorize yourself as a foodie? Honestly, I feel like anyone, and everyone can be a foodie – you just have to LOVE food. When you go to a new city, is food one of the top priorities on your itinerary? Do you plan your life around good meals with family and friends? Can you remember a time and place, based on the food you had? That is 100% me. I can categorically state that I LOVE food and therefore, and a self-proclaimed foodie.

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So when I was introduced to Joudi Mokhtar and Shant Kojakian at my friend, Fariha’s event (also around food!), I knew I had to let my Montreal readers know all about their festival: Les Foodies Festival. This is the second year they are putting this extravaganza together, and the moment they started to talk about it with me, their faces lit up. I knew they had the passion for getting the community together and making an event a success, similar to my charity event, Shopping From The Heart. We hit It off right away and I am so excited about this event happening April 21, 2024.

In between their amazing social media promoting and event planning, I managed to squeeze in some time to talk with them about the event. Here is what they had to say.

Joudi Mokhtar and Shant Kojakian at last year’s Les Foodies Festival event.

How it all began

Mama MOE: How did you both start on this venture together and why?

Joudi and Shant: We both come from different backgrounds. Joudi is in the health food and wellness industry, and Shant is in event management and promotion. We are both Montrealers and food lovers. And we met in Abu Dhabi in 2022.

MM: What has been your biggest achievement / greatest moment so far with this festival?

J&S: Seeing the community come together after the challenging ride of Covid. To create an event that welcomes all the start-ups who are ready to scale their business, to restaurants who survived the challenge and still have open doors. We all come as foodies to celebrate their wins, OUR WINS…

We also wanted to bring a fun event to families that are close by, with an amazing culinary and shopping experience. It’s also easy for families to get to with free parking. (yes!)

Last year, we had over 70 vendors and more than 1500 visitors so we can only expect it to grow from here!

We are honoured to have so many people believe in us and that is because we both love to add value and connect with others. Seeing others thrive is what our main goal is!

What to expect at Les Foodies Festival

MM: What are you most excited about this year?

J&S: We are so glad to see the demand for a second event and that’s why we plan to make this one of Montreal’s Largest Festivals! We have three chefs, seven cooking segments, and over 70 unique vendors again!

Many more influencers and businesses are joining us from Toronto and Vancouver like Habibi’s Toum and WickedSmart hot sauce. Plus we will have special giveaways.

MM: What can newbies expect this year when coming to the festival?

J&S: There is something for everyone! Soul food lovers, vegans, gluten-free you name it!

We are glad to have the support of some of the biggest restaurant chains in Montreal like Torino, Spice Bros, Madame Poulet, and Mezzmiz.

There will be seven different cooking segments including Montreal’s Master Chef Marissa Leon John, West Island high school teacher and Chef Daniel Vanson, and Tina Kalogrias from Yiayia’s kitchen.

A great family-friendly event

We have more entertainment for families and as well as a meet & greet with Montreal’s very own influencer Emilie Rossignol. There is also a magic show by Raphie. You  will be able to taste and buy products at affordable prices and support local businesses. And you will be able to discover new menu items by some of your favourite restaurants. There is also a photobooth contest, and you can win prizes all day long!


And there you have it, friends! This is going to be a wonderful family-friendly event. I’m so happy I got to meet Joudi and Shant and learn all about their passion for food and community. The Les Foodies Festival is taking place April 21, 2024 from 11am-7pm at Le Chateau Royal in Laval.

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Go hungry, and leave FULL! Full with food, connections and family fun!

I hope to see you there!

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