BBQ – Easy as…not really

When Mama MOE Cooks Dinner:

1. Cook the full meal

2. Set the table

3. Get everyone their drinks

4. Bibs, washcloths, etc. for the little ones

5. Place full meal on each person’s plate

6. Have dessert ready on the side with dishware

7. Eat

8. Clean up table

9. Place dishes in dishwasher

10. Wash pots/pans, etc.

When Papa MOE Does A BBQ:

1. Put meat on BBQ
2. Bring meat to table
3. Eat
4. Mama does step #1 side dishes
5. Mama frantically gets steps #2-6 done before meat is ready
6. Step #7 is sidetracked for mama as she continues to run around
7. Papa goes to clean BBQ and shut it down, mama watches kids
8. Steps #8-10 are done by mama while kids and papa enjoy the rest of the BBQ outside

It’s great when Papa MOE helps with dinner by making a BBQ!

All jokes aside, how do you handle BBQ season?

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Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace June 7, 2011 at 1:57 am

We handle BBQ season prescicely like that. I tell myself, “Oh, my husband will grill and I’ll have an easy supper night.” Yeah, right! But our little ones enjoy being outside with him while he cooks so I do get a peaceful kitchen. And… nothing beats BBQ food. Love summertime!

MamaMOE June 7, 2011 at 3:40 am

It is great to have everything (relatively) clean inside, true! Summertime BBQ is the best, though no matter how hectic. Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment! Mama MOE


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