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Since attending Blissdom Canada, I have been pushing myself with my blog and my business in the best ways possible. Last week, I was asked to speak at a MOE’s restaurant for networking group I’ve attended for years now, called We2. It’s a great group for Montreal women in business and it is very dynamic and friendly. I love attending the events when I can.

The founder of We2, Sarena Miller, asked me to speak about blogging and social media. I was a nervous wreck leading up to it but in the end it turned out great. The restaurant was full of members and I got some great feedback on the talk. I even created my own hashtag (in the picture). What do you think?

For some people, learning about the advantages of blogging and social media to build their business was very new. I was so excited to tell them about the business of social and blogging for their own business since I knew it would be beneficial to them. It’s hard for anyone to wrap their head around the fact that blogging can benefit their business, if they are not a blogger. What do you blog about? How often? Who is going to read it? So many questions and I loved answering them all. What I tried to explain the most, and something that is so evident when attending blogging conferences, is this:

“Adding blogging and social media to your website gives your business a beating heart” – Mama MOE

Yep, my first tweetable! Watch out Marie Forleo, lol. But it’s true! Think about it, a website is only a landing page for most without any real understanding to who is behind the site, and who you can have a conversation to.

Blogging creates an active person, visible to customers, that is passionate about their business. It sets a tone that is inviting. And social media brings that invitation even further, allowing your customers to engage with you directly.

I only touched the surface on this subject but it was really exciting to strike up a conversation in what I love. If you are interested in finding out more about We2, there is a fantastic holiday fair coming up on December 10th from 7:30am-11:30am. It’s open to all and it would be a great first place to network in this awesome community.

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Sarena December 3, 2014 at 6:50 pm

Julia, thank you for sharing your experience with We2! You were amazing, and we had such great feedback! And thank you for writing this lovely post!
You are amazing.

Julia a.k.a Mama MOE December 5, 2014 at 3:45 am

I was happy to do it, Sarena. Thanks for giving me the push I needed to try something new. 🙂


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