#NoMoreBullies Prose

A bully is not always big and tall and strong

A bully can be sweet and beautiful and calm

A bully is clever and coy, and can be patient for a pounce

Sly and sleek, quiet and quick..it’s hard to see them coming sometimes.

Elementary, high school, college, university, internship, work, play groups…they are there.

Pink, or blue or rainbows in the sky.

Any colour, any day.

Every day.

No. More. Bullies.


In the picture: This is me and “Stuntman Stu” Schwartz from Majic 100 in Ottawa. I met him last year at BConnected just after he spoke about his #NoMoreBullies movement. To purchase this bracelet, e-mail him at nomorebullies@bellmedia.ca.

To learn where #PinkShirtDay started, here is a recent interview.

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