Saving Summer with Pictures {#savingsummer}

It’s August. August, mamas! Can you believe it?! Every summer when August hits, I start to get a little shaky. I think about back-to-school planning, and just how many days are left without a school routine with homework and packed lunches…

So aside from a bunch of back-to-school posts which I will be doing in the next weeks (and they are very cool!), I thought it would be nice to honor all that we’ve done and are still doing to celebrate summer. Because Lord knows it’s easy for us to start an internal monologue of “we didn’t do enough” when there are a few weeks left of summer. But I’m sure that you packed in a bunch of things already and will continue to, up until the first day of school, just like we do.

And when I say ‘pack in’, I mean absorbing the summer days. Whether it is sitting in your backyard just chatting with your kids, or taking them to a fantastic holiday, it all counts. It’s all special. And I thought it would be nice to acknowledge it.

I decided to call it my Summer Sand Bucket List, and I will be using the hashtag #savingsummer on social. If you want to join in, use this hashtag so I can follow your pictures too. I’ll be posting every week until my sand bucket list runs out.

My first picture is of the fresh raspberries from our own backyard. The kids love waking up and picking them for breakfast. We don’t have much outside, just raspberries and carrots that haven’t grown yet…but it’s fun and it has taught them to be patient and enjoy taking care of a living thing. Plus they are super proud of their fresh raspberries that taste so good.

Hope to see some of your pictures this week for my goal to save summer!

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