Summer Produce Preservation & A Super New Appliance

With summer is full swing, it’s a great time to pick up some delicious in-season fruits and vegetables for now and for later. If you are a mama of a little one, chances are you are giving them summers best pickings right now. Whether they are diced up, blended in a smoothie or steamed and pureed, there are lots of options on how to give your children fresh fruits and vegetables. But with summer weather, chances are you don’t want to be cooking much of anything.

I had the opportunity to review the Nutribaby by BabyMoov, which has five functions, two of which are steaming and blending. All its features are fantastic, but I love that there is a timer, it’s very compact, and you won’t need to turn on your stove to make excellent meals for baby, children and/or you.

To read my full review, visit Nugglemama’s Handful where I guest posted. There is a giveaway going on as well, so do yourself a favour and enter, because this is an appliance worth having.

I gave mine to my sister, who is the new mama to my most adorable baby niece. We made her banana puree and sweet potato puree for the review. Both were frozen for later since she’s still too little.


I’ll be heading out to the local farmer’s market next week to collect some great in-season fruits and vegetables to prep and freeze for fall and winter. What are your favourites? Do you freeze, puree, preserve? I’d love to have suggestions in the comments below.

Happy summer dinning!

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