Movie Review: Beyond the Mask

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to watch a private screening of Beyond the Mask before it was released. August 14th marks the release of Beyond the Mask in Canada and I couldn’t be happier that it is making its way to my neck of the woods. It’s a great movie filled with adventure, emotion and faith.

That’s right. Produced and directed by the Burns cousins of Burns Family Studios, Beyond the Mask was co-written by Stephen Kendrick (Courageous, which we also loved, and Fireproof) and Paul McCusker (Adventures in Odyssey).  Stars of the movie include Andrew Cheney, Kara Killmer and John Rhys-Davies. The movie is a faith-based film that adds that element to a blockbuster-type movie. You get incredible special effects, a historic piece with Benjamin Franklin as a main character, adventure and suspense, fantastic costumes and scenery, and a classic love story.

The lead character, Will Reynolds, begins the movie as a leading mercenary for the British East India Company. When he announces he is quitting his position, he is double-crossed and has to run from the American Colonies. He assumes a new identity and works to redeem his name which leads to a major plot twist, a love story and an awakening in a faith he never really knew he had.

The movie focuses on the idea of redemption. Is it possible to change your life so much that you can, in fact, have redemption? Even love?

Here is the trailer:

Both my husband and I enjoyed the movie. It caught our attention and kept it all the way through. I don’t know about you, but to find a movie that both my husband and I enjoy equally is rare. This movie had everything he enjoys (adventure, action and drama) and everything I enjoy (love and emotional conflict/reflection). If you are looking for a date-night movie or a movie to watch with your children (over 8 years old) it is perfect. Kids will love the “Zorro” idea in the masked hero’s role. You won’t have to worry about inappropriate scenes or crude dialogue. And in the end, it is something you can discuss with your partner and/or children that lends itself to a good discussion on how to conduct your life and what redemption really is.

Beyond the Mask came out in the US in June and hits Canadian theatres August 14th. Click this link for locations near you. It’s a great summer movie and I highly recommend it!

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If you do take the time to go see Beyond the Mask, of if you have seen it already, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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