Healthy Snacks 4 Ways

Summer is officially upon us and soon the kids will be home all day and hungry.

All. The. Time.

In the past I wrote about healthy snacks for school and I think these are also good for home, but this is another way to present it.

The good thing about these snacks is that mostly everything can be bought in bulk, be prepared ahead of time, and it is really easy to assemble.

I find placing the snacks together on a large plate or platter helps the kids to select a bit of everything. I give them each a small bowl or plate and they do the picking. I do encourage them to take a bit of everything, and make sure there is enough of each snack to divide among the three of them (God forbid one gets an extra piece than the others!).

And yes, it is easier to just divide it all myself in three bowls, but this way, there is a ‘wow’ factor and a sense of independence. While it may start a mini argument on who got more, it also helps them learn to share and take turns.

Snack platter1

Sliced cucumbers, Prana unsalted almonds, cherries (I actually ended up pitting these for my kids before serving), and Simply Sweet Potato tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks

Snack platter2

Toasted multi grain Morning Rounds by Pita Break, Dried cranberries, sliced red peppers & carrots, easy guacamole (mashed avocado, lemon juice, frozen corn & mild salsa mixed)

Snack platter3

Dried peaches, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers (natural colours), slices of turkey (no sodium nitrite)

Snack platter4

Slices of Canadian apples & yellow peppers, Prana unsalted cashews and multi grain & honey Lavash crackers by Pita Break

This last picture is a little bare because the kids got to it before I took a picture!

I tend to serve this snack platter in the afternoon. In the morning, a good fruit or smoothie can do the trick.

I hope this helps you with your kiddies’ cravings. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for snack. I’m always looking for new things too.



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