ABC Friday – N is for

Ok, so it’s not Friday.

But I know you forgive me. With my charity event in full force, and with the responsibilities of everyday life, this is a fitting photo for the week.

We all need a little zen, a little peace, and a little tranquility. I usually get that at night.

Have you ever tried this parlor trick? I found it, as I find a lot of cool things, on Pinterest. My kids were fascinated with it! The natural candle is made from the skin of a Clementine orange with the center skin inside. All you have to do is add some olive oil inside and then once you light the skin, it will burn until the olive oil runs out. We did this over the Christmas holidays and I am so happy I took a picture of it.

How does this tie into the theme I created for the ABC Friday Photo Share? Well, at night I reflect on my blessings that are my children, as well as all the people that make my life beautiful. You know who you are!

Join us in this photo sharing meme with Maple Leaf Mommy and Mom Vs. The Boys by linking your photo here.

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