Fearful Flashes, a piece for Birthing Magazine

Have you ever experienced a vision so real, you would swear it was happening right in front of your eyes? Have you thought of something horrible or scary and wondered what was wrong with you to imagine such a thing? These are intrusive thoughts, and many mothers all over the world experience them after giving birth. Have you ever heard of this before?

With permission from Birthing magazine, I am sharing the full article I wrote for them about my experience with intrusive thoughts. This happened to me after my first son was born. The article is called Fearful Flashes, because that is exactly what they were.

It’s been something I have had in draft for years, knowing it was an important story that other mamas needed to know. So much of motherhood is not in the pregnancy and toddler books. I never knew this was something I could experience, and I felt completely helpless. It was a difficult thing to live through and have zero control over. In this article, I describe my personal experiences and give suggestions on how to handle this should it happen to you. I really hope it helps even just one mother out there to know you are not alone. This is an important subject that I am grateful to share with you.

Thanks to Birthing Magazine for publishing this piece. You can subscribe to Birthing Magazine to receive a hard copy or e-copy. I highly recommend it!! Visit birthingmagazine.net .

Fearful Flashes

To read the full article, please click on this link below. You will be taken to a pdf version of the piece published in Birthing Magazine.

Fearful Flashes article, Birthing Magazine, spring 2023


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