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I’ve been having a difficult time putting a different spin on my charity event, Shopping From The Heart, for a new and updated blog post. And then it came spontaneously all on its own.

When I began this little venture to raise awareness for women in business and give back to children’s hospitals, I didn’t know what it would lead to.

And even before that, I never dreamed my blog would lead to the charity event and all that it has created thus far.

So when I think of what has been accomplished in a six year period, I’m truly proud. But I think this might be the year I am the most proud.

As mamas can attest to, having babies make our brains work overtime. Late nights, no sleep, odd times of calm, then crazy rushes of busy. We laugh, we cry. Things mean more, feelings are magnified. Passions are sponged into their most meaningful. We care deeply for all things related to our children. And everything is related to our children. We see everything differently.

Our. Worlds. Change.

And as they grow, there are (many) times we think “Is what I’m doing right?” “Am I making a difference to them?” and we wonder and wonder and wonder if we are impacting them in a good and positive way.

I started Shopping From The Heart without even thinking it would impact my boys; they were still so little. But each year they understand a little more why Mama gets crazy around springtime and what Mama is doing it for.

At first, I told them it was my way of saying thank you to all the nurses and doctors that have helped them and me when we have needed it. And while this is true, they didn’t understand yet that others were not as lucky as us. Some mamas get real sick. Some babies get real sick. And the people that helped us help them too. Feeling fortunate and blessed came gradually to their understanding.

This year was the first time I took my oldest son to WE Day in Ottawa and in Montreal. To say his (already compassionate) mind was affected by what he heard would be an understatement. He saw other students just a little older than him making big changes in the world.

Which brings me back to this week. I was getting things ready for the event when my three sons say to me “could we have a table to sell rainbow looms for your charity?”

Yep. Proudest moment.

Staples display for Me to We

I took it a step further and took them to Staples to see the Me to We section. They each bought a selection of school supplies and rafiki bracelets to include in their table for the event. They were thrilled to understand our purchases would have a real impact on mothers and children in need.

So perhaps I will be a little partial to the table with little world-changers this year.

To learn more about the charity event, the sponsors, the amazing women in business attending, and how you can participate please visit .

Here is the video I put together for this year to get you excited!

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