Quebec Company Collecting Coats for Those in Need

Every year, when the weather changes from our colourful, warm fall temperature to our brutally cold days and nights, I think of those in need. Canada is currently seeing an all-time high in homelessness and families struggling for necessities. The lack of affordable housing, inflation, poverty and the pandemic have all played into the very real problem for over 235,000 homeless Canadians*. So when I heard about a local company making a difference for our whole province, I knew I wanted to share it with you. And not only that, but they are also generously giving each donor a gift! For the details, please read on.

The love of a good origin story

In the small town of Chicoutimi, Quebec, adventure enthusiasts dreamed of offering both beginners and experts high-performance clothing and equipment for outdoor activities. In 1980, back from a three-year trip across the Americas, Gilles Couët and Laval Tremblay partnered with Pierre Beaudoin to design and produce the first CHLOROPHYLLE HI- TECH clothing. Now over 40 years in business, Chlorophylle is known for their high-end, durable, high-performance and versatile outerwear. Owned by the Côté-Reco family business since May 2019, Chlorophylle has grown exponentially with three new corporate boutiques (totalling 16 shops in Quebec), two of which are in Montreal.

 Chlorophylle’s Coat Donation

A good winter jacket or coat can be the most expensive necessity to purchase, and many people just cannot afford that. The “Give Happiness and Warmth” coat donation began four years ago with an intention to help those in need of a coat for the winter months. Since it began, 1434 jackets and coats have been redistributed to the 14 organizations across Quebec. Last year, the company also added an additional option to donate money and they raised $850 for these organizations.

From October 17 to December 18, 2022, people are invited to bring in a second-hand coat in exchange for a $75 discount on a new adult winter coat. What I so appreciated to learn was that each store is paired with a community organization in their area to donate the winter items collected. I know many people might feel jarred by the local clothing bins located outside, knowing that their clothes might not reach the people that could use them the most in a timely manner. Instead, Chlorophylle’s method is to donate the coats over the course of the campaign to each organization, this way coats can be distributed sooner than later.

The Brand’s Approach to Outerwear

After you donate your jacket or coat you will receive a $75 coupon, so what can you expect in Chlorophylle’s outerwear? Chlorophylle has beautiful outerwear options for the whole family. I love the neutral, earth tones of the outerwear, something deliberately done by the designers. As well, the clothing is made with natural fibers that are respectful to the environment. In fact, many of the materials they use are recycled materials, such as their vegan shoes.

I had the opportunity to speak with Claudie Laroche, the marketing director of the company and she gave me a bit more information on the humble beginnings of Chlorophylle. The company has always been rooted in using recycled materials where possible, and being respectful to the planet. Fully aware of fast fashion on the rise, the brand is working on environmentally friendly insulating materials and more efficient fibers to continue creating high-quality outerwear that will stand the test of time.

The Message is Clear

Be mindful when you look at your wardrobe. Look at what you have and what you truly need. Is there a winter coat collecting dust because you have changed your style or outgrown it? In the end, we can only wear one winter coat at a time. Perhaps you found something you like to wear more now, and your old coat is not being worn. A few years back, I donated my mother’s coats and I have to say, as hard as it was to let go of the items, I was pleased to know her coats were going to help people in our community that needed them.

The “Give Happiness and Warmth” campaign is on now until December 17th at all Chlorophylle locations.





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