It’s the Mama MOE Holiday Fundraiser!

It’s been one heck of a year, a couple of years, actually. I really wanted to spread some love to my readers and to my community, so I reached out to the brands I have collaborated with, and they answered the call. Christmas came early for me with over $2000 worth of donations for my first holiday fundraiser!

How Does it Work?

I have created a raffle page with all the donations, and you can purchase tickets for whatever gift you wish to win. Each donation is an individual raffle so enter one or many raffles – the choice is yours! Tickets are $5 and all the money raised will be going to our local food bank, OnRock Community Services.

What Gifts Can We Win?

Oh my goodness! I am so excited for everyone to win these donated gifts! There is really something for everyone. We have local clothing store boutique gift cards, delicious food baskets, art, jewellery, a juicer, just so much goodness! Each raffle has a full description of the items with their value. And as a donor myself, I have collected Blu-ray and DVD sets over the past year to create a giant movie extravaganza package!

Follow this Link:

Here is the direct link to the raffles: VIRTUAL RAFFLE

Deadline to enter your tickets is December 8th. This way, you will have your winnings in time for Christmas. For full details, click here.

Can you donate if you do not live nearby?

YES. As I gather gifts for my children and family, and make my holiday grocery list, I am always thinking of those who cannot enjoy the holidays as we do. It can be overwhelming to think of just how many people are in difficult situations, but each little bit can help. That’s why I also set up an option to simply donate (located at the bottom of the raffle page) if you would like to and are not nearby for the raffles. Literally a couple of dollars can make a difference when we all work together. My wish is that this fundraiser can help our community this year put food on the table for those in need.

As many of you know, last year marked the 10th and final year of my charity event, Shopping From The Heart. As promised, I said I would be up to new things. This is just one of the many ways moving forward that I want to help my community. It is a privilege to be able to work with brands that help me give back when I ask them for help.

Thank you to everyone that has graciously donated to this holiday fundraiser, not only will your gifts raise money for our local food bank, but they will be so well received as a holiday gift this Christmas!

Spread the news!

If you have friends that would be interested in this fundraiser, please share it with them. Sharing on social media also helps spread the word out to those nearby. Let’s help our community feel the joy of the season from their fellow neighbours.

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