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Did you happen to get a glimpse of the stunning necklace I was wearing on BT Montreal last week? I get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it. Some words people use to express the necklace are fun, colourful, and beautiful.

To me, the necklace sits pretty on my bedroom counter every day, and represents a life changed.

When I was at Blissdom Canada this year, I heard the powerful Krista Jefferson talk about how she began

I encourage you to go and read her story and visit the company website. Although it may be too late for jewellery orders for Christmas, consider gift certificates. Your family and friends can decide which piece suits them best.

You could even host a jewellery party for social good in the new year with (anyone want to come over to my place and shop?)

I myself am thrilled to have purchased my necklace at the Blissdom Canada Handmade Market and I love wearing it for three reasons:

1) It’s so beautiful

2) It is helping a woman in need in Uganda

3) It strikes up a conversation with people (and I get to tell them to check out!)


If you are looking for the necklace I wore, it is made of glass beads and recycled paper (made into beads). It is only $30 and it is so special. Click here to find it.


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Hannah December 22, 2014 at 5:59 am

So beautiful! And supporting a good cause. It’s win-win!

Sara December 22, 2014 at 6:59 am

I bought a Long Brass Coin necklace from IAmJustOne at Blissdom as well. It is so lovely and I agree they would make a lovely gift. I like the paper necklace one too! You look great in it.


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