The Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Is it over? Are you still here? Sorry I’m so late!

I seem to be saying that often these days, this time of year is always a little nuts. And you know what? I have to blame it on the Ultimate Blog Party.

That’s right, it’s all Susan and Janice’s fault. And here’s why.

A few years ago, I began this “blogging thing” and had no real sense of where it might go. I am a freelance writer by trade and after three years of having three babies (1+twins) I was missing the satisfaction I had from writing. Also, my beautiful children were giving me excellent writing material!

I wanted a place to write and connect and be social again. And then I landed on 5 Minutes For Mom. It blew my mind. I jumped in, head first for my first Ultimate Blog Part in 2011 and the rest in history.

I made friends, met colleagues, introduced myself to brands, and remembered what it was like to have a passion for writing. Blogging has opened doors to me that were almost shut after having my kids. I’ve always said that my family is my greatest joy. And writing about things that are meaningful, fun and interesting to parents brings me such happiness.

So if you are new to my site, I encourage you to check out my journey here on Ask Mama MOE through my posts on the UBP:

1) Party With me! 2011

2) 2011 UBP Review

3) Inspiration from UBP

4) Party Time with #UBP12

5) #UBP12 Finished – Now #SFTH12

6) Ready for a Party? #UBP13

7) The Spark That Led to #SFTH13

I can honestly say the passion Janice and Susan have with their blog and their business helped me in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. Thanks, ladies!

Also! If you are interested in blogging, or if you have just started “this blogging thing” as I did a few years back, the UBP is a wonderful place to connect and have fun. Be sure to introduce yourself in the comments below so that I can start reading your blog and we can connect.

And even though the party is almost over, the list of bloggers on the 5 Minutes For Mom site stays on forever, so be sure to sign up! (PS there are a ton of prizes up for grabs so get your name in today, though, before that part of the party closes!)

Looking forward to meeting you!

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