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It was a cold day in February when I was invited to get pampered at the launch of Beautitude. I was promised an event that would put me first, because I deserve it. I’m going to be honest with you, I wasn’t in the mood. Strange, I know, but getting downtown and finding parking for a pampering event, only to go home and get dinner ready didn’t feel like it would do what it was intending to do. However, the event was being done by my friend Tuti of REV Communications, so I knew it would be fabulous and I didn’t want to miss it. I went with Tanya and we arrived for our appointments, where Tuti explained everything. There was good music, decadent food, stations for all different treatments; manicures, makeup, hair, the amazing women behind Beautitude cosmetics (more in a post to follow), and a photographer I had never met.

Tuti explained that Pazit Perez was a photographer with a special way of bringing out a person’s edge. Ok, I thought, but I don’t think I have an edge.

Pretty much all of the influencers that came were giggling in the lineup, while waiting for their photograph. I felt like a clown with the amount of photo-ready makeup I had on, even though colleagues were saying it looked good (I don’t wear a lot of makeup). And the longer I waited in line, the more nervous I got about what kind of photos I would have done.

But something about Pazit’s focused voice and attention made me zone out of where I was. At first, I was laughing, and she brought me back to center. “This is your time” she said. She helped me with my hair, suggested how to stand, motioned how to look at her camera. And before I knew it, I was done.

Don't I look relaxed?

Don’t I look relaxed?

Pazit, helping me pose correctly

Pazit, helping me pose correctly

Pazit Perez, taking the shot.

This was the result:

I didn’t know I had it in me! Pazit brought out that edge. What was important was that I still looked like me, but more confident, more self-assured. The makeup I was concerned about didn’t look too much (of course, because this was a professional photograph and it worked well). In the end, I was so impressed with the photograph, I had to connect with Pazit further.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m still a photographer creating Vision portraits, connecting people with their potential of who they could become, and  presently, after witnessing so many of my clients success stories, I’m  working on my online “I have a Dream Academy”  to teach  individuals how they can recreate this game-changing photography methodology in their life to help them connect with potential, accelerate their progress and attract their desired opportunities.”

Pazit creates, what she calls Vision Portraits and her message is this:

“Everyone has something they want to be, do, or have, but sadly only 3% of people achieve their goals and dreams. The problem is that 97% fail to see, which leads them to quit on their dreams. If you can’t see it with your eyes, you don’t know where you’re going and what you need to achieve to get there.” Pazit believes that without a strategy, you cannot fulfill your dreams and with Vision Portraits, a new kind of portrait photography, Pazit captures you for who you want to become.

“Once you can see what you want to achieve {the end destination}, it’s way easier to strategize the steps you must take, thus accelerating your progress, no more wasting time on things that are not aligned with your vision. My purpose is to raise those numbers of achievers by lighting up your “fiya” so you can see it to achieve it,  live the life of your dreams and inspire others to do the same.”

Consider it a vision board where YOU are the vision board. Pretty smart, right?

Pazit says her Vision Portraits are “tangible portraits that represent the next level of something you envision yourself to be, accelerating your progress by acting as your new point of focus and supporting you along your journey into successfully achieving and BEcoming who you were created to be.”

So the purpose it to show you your best self and then have that as your reference. I think it’s a fabulous idea. And through her photography, Pazit has been able to help others with low self-esteem feel better about themselves. Just think about how I felt going into this event? Even on a day that I deemed unworthy to feel super special, I came out a star filled with confidence with a photograph to prove it!

To find out more about Pazit’s amazing photography sessions, visit her website to see what is right for you.

I’m proud to show this confident picture of myself and thanks to Pazit, I now have a new profile picture for my blog that matches my strongest self. And that is something worth showing off, I think.

Now, I’m not saying I am Wonder Woman, but I’m pretty sure this picture brings me closer to feeling like her (just kidding, I totally am Wonder Woman).

Wonder Woman, Mama MOE...Wonder MOE ;)

Wonder Woman, Mama MOE…Wonder MOE 😉

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