What Social Good Means to Me

We hear it all the time. We like it on social media, we share stories of it, and we know it is a positive thing in life. Social good is something we all innately want to incorporate in our lives in some way. But how do we do it?

Spring always summons up these feelings. The snow is melting, birds are singing, the sun shines earlier in the day, flowers are just about ready to creep up from the cold earth. It all makes us excited with anticipation for the time when we will be outside, without a clunky coat, our winter boots and enjoying the fresh air more. And what will we do with our time?

We dream of weekend getaways, long drives with no care in the world, windows down, sunglasses on. We start to plan summer camp, even summer holidays, and think of the days when school will be over and we can relax in the summer sun.

But for some, those days are few and far between. Right now, I know a lot of moms in their last trimester, eager for the arrival of their spring/summer babies. And for the very fortunate, moms will deliver their healthy, happy babies and go home shortly after. Some, however, will have far more difficult pregnancies, requiring them to stay before delivery on bedrest, and after delivery for a longer recovery. Some mothers will spend sleepless nights visiting the NICU, waiting for their babies to grow more and stabilize in their health.

Other mothers might be spending nights watching over older children, in hospitals, tending to their needs as best they can.

Moms and Dads have one universal desire; to see their children grow and thrive.

So while some of us are dreaming of summer vacations, others are dreaming of just getting home, safe, healthy, and together.

THIS is why I continue to gather mothers in business for one night every year. Shopping From The Heart is now in its fifth year, and we will again be raising money for the three hospitals that have helped my children, and perhaps your children, to grow and thrive.

It is my absolute pleasure to bring together the brands that have worked with me here on Ask Mama MOE, and see them donate either for the silent auction or the raffle prizes to raise money. I have always chosen brands I believe in, but seeing them go above and beyond is the epitome of social good.

For more information, please visit SFTH on Facebook, Twitter and the SFTH blog. If you are not able to attend this awesome Montreal event, please consider a donation, in honor of all the moms and dads and children in need of your support.

Thank you.



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