Coming Back

It’s a strange thing, being a mama. 

While you become more emotional at certain things in relation to family and children, you also grow a thicker skin. Priorities are adjusted, perspectives are changed. There is a sense of wisdom, as well as a sense of complete confusion that takes place every day. As a mama, you learn to laugh things off, gain more patience than you ever thought possible, and have a sense of pride that far exceeds anything you have ever taken part in. Your children are your treasures.

One thing is certain: as a mama, if you were lucky enough to receive this same love and pride from your mama, you now know just how incredible your mother is. Every tear shed, every laugh shared, every scream muffled, every tongue bit, every hug cherished…you mentally thank your mama. And if you have the chance, you thank your mama, in person, often.

My family blog has always been about enjoying your children, and living in a way that is honest, healthy and happy. Sometimes, though, life throws you curve balls. And when a curve ball is actually not a curve ball, but a freakin’ bulldozer ball breaking down your whole world in a single swing…it makes it hard to stay positive and carry on.

I had to say goodbye to my mama. Grandma MOE is now my second guardian angel and I miss my best friend every second of every day.

It was bittersweet that my last post was dedicated to her strength and courage.

So, my friends, in reflection of the passing of my second parent, I am laying low for a while. If you would like to connect with me, you will find me mostly on Twitter, and sometimes on Facebook. 

Big plans were already in the works for Ask Mama MOE and a new site will be up and running before the “back to school” blitz.

I look forward to sharing so much more with you and hearing from you too.

Until then,

Julia a.k.a. Mama MOE

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