Mama’s Gift: Lux Coffee at Home with Keurig

Did you find the perfect gift for your mama this Mother’s Day?

In my opinion, mamas are not hard to buy for. It’s not like we don’t give hints and clues. At least I do; I am not subtle when it comes to what I like. Since my children are small, it’s nice to give them big clues. And boy do they feel special when they find something mama mentioned! (It also helps out Papa MOE too!)

Here’s a last minute gift I‘m anxious to try out and to give: The Keurig MINI Plus.

This mama loves coffee. However, I have shied away from single cup coffee makers since I already have a standard coffee maker. They have always been an interesting and very luxurious appliance that I have enjoyed using at other people’s homes (you know who you are!), except I wasn’t sure I would use it as much as I should for its price. But I have been thinking about it more lately. I am the only coffee drinker in our home, and every day I end up throwing away coffee after each brew. Could it be that I am throwing away money and the single cup brewing systems would actually be more cost-effective for me? I am looking into it…

The Keurig MINI Plus could very well be a great in-between piece that can still give the luxury of a single cup.

When I broke it down, here are the reasons I think this would be a great addition to my life:

  • it’s smaller so it will take up much less room on my counter than its larger counterpart or even a regular coffee maker
  • it’s less expensive, with a retail price of approximately $100 it makes it more attractive than other models
  • it holds the regular K-cups that would give endless variety to my coffee choices instead of the same taste every day (for eco-friendly mamas like me, the MINI Plus can hold the reusable K-cup filters)
  • it comes in new vibrant colours (I’m partial to the cobalt blue)

So there you have it: a luxury single cup coffee maker that would make a great gift for mamas. The Kuerig MINI Plus is available in most grocery stores and retail stores where coffee is sold.

And if you are more subtle than me, you can always just print out this post for your husband! You’re welcome.

Disclosure: I was given a Keurig MINI Plus coffee maker to review for this post. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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