A Special Mother’s Day Gift from Lladró and Operation Smile

This will be the second Mother’s Day without my Mama. It is so hard to believe that I cannot just pick up the phone and give her a call. I miss her all the time. In all my good moments and my difficult moments, I think of her and all the love and support she gave me in everything.

It seemed almost like a little message from her and my Dad when I received a press release from Lladró. In our home, Lladró figurines where proudly displayed in recognition of special occasions between my parents. My Mama loved them. I remember when we used to take drives into Burlington, we would stop at the duty free shop and she would admire all the new figurines. We all did. They were all so intricate and beautiful.

My Dad would sometimes gift my Mama a figurine for their anniversary or her birthday. And when my sister and I got a little older, we were gifted a figurine as well. After my Dad passed away, I gave my Mama an angel Lladró figurine for Christmas…there were no words necessary and quite a few tears shared between us.

I can look at every figurine with the admiration of the piece, as well as a clear memory for what it represents to our family.

So when I heard the collaboration that Lladró created with Operation Smile, I was so happy to share this with you. Operation Smile’s free, life-changing surgeries on children with clefts lips, take children out of isolation and help to integrate them back into their communities, allowing them to have the opportunity to receive an education and a bright future.

Lladró has taken the existing “New Beginnings” piece and added a pendant heart in gold. And for every For every New Beginnings sculpture sold, Lladró will donate $240, the average cost to provide one cleft lip surgery to a child. In addition, since October 2015, 10% of all proceeds from sales of “The Daughter” and “The Son” pieces will also be donated to the non-profit organization.

To date, Lladró has raised enough funds for approximately 1300 surgeries.

I think this would make a very special Mother’s Day gift for any mother, knowing it would be giving back to children in need.

To find out more about the New Beginnings figurine, visit www.lladro.com

I am also proud to let you know that Lladró graciously donated a Daughter figurine for #SFTH2016 charity event silent auction.

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