Another Year

Today is my birthday, or I should say was my birthday since I am writing this after midnight as my family sleeps. It was a good one!

I have always been one to celebrate, but since my children, different birthdays have taken on different meanings. Of course, for their birthdays, there is the build up for days, weeks, even months prior. What will we do? Who will we invite? What kind of cake would you like? What present would make you the most happy? All very important stuff when you’re little. But when you’re the mama, it’s a little different. Since I’m running around doing mama stuff all day, it’s really just another usual day…as a mama!

The running joke in my home is that Mama bakes the cakes. So, who bakes the cake when it’s Mama’s birthday? …
I get the store bought kind – which is fabulous in it’s own right, so no complaints. But the kids don’t get to create a one of a kind cake with me throughout the day, so it’s different.

During my first pregnancy, my birthday landed while I was extremely pregnant and very plump at the time. I went to a seafood restaurant and ate like a sailor (not drank, just ate) and my husband, I’m sure, was a bit shocked by my intake. But hey! I was pregnant, in my favourite restaurant and I loved it! You haven’t lived until you see a pregnant mama, almost ready to give birth, with a lobster bib on…good times!

When my first child was one, I wanted to do something unlike me for my birthday…

I went rock climbing.

I’m not fond of heights.

It was a challenge that I wanted to give myself. I felt strong, proud, capable, scared, happy and nervous all at once. As we were leaving, I thought, next year I’ll try paragliding. Next year I was pregnant with the twins, and on hospital bedrest!! So, that was another challenge all together. I still felt all those feelings, but for totally different reasons.

This year, as a celebratory project, I took on Shopping From The Heart. The event took place just days before my birthday, so again, those feelings were there in that moment, and, again, for different reasons.

So, dear friends, the results of the event are one of the best gifts I received this year for my birthday:

With approximately 100 people, in two and a half hours, we managed to raise just over $1000.00 which will be shared among the three children’s charities.

For a first time venture, I am extremly happy with the outcome. The vendors were happy, the guests were thrilled and everyone loved the raffle prizes, yummy treats and complimentary magazines and papers. For more details on who came, what was won and other updates, please visit
Because it was a great success, I am going to make this an annual event. I will continue on with the event blog and possibly continue to receive donations and give prizes…that’s all in the works now. I’m so happy to be able to go to the three hospitals this week with the donations and know that children will benefit somehow from what I coordinated on May 12th.

It seems, then, when looking back a bit, that I look to recreate that cluster of emotions, annually to jump start my new year. On purpose or not. Well here’s a thought:

Now with the children running about, keeping me busy and keeping my mind occupied with their love and laughter (and screams and tears), those feelings are still there, but…every…single…day…! So, in the end, I suppose, it’s my birthday every day now!

How lucky am I!

Just a note:
When looking for images of birthday cakes online, I came across This is not a blog about food, it is a bible of food. Images are delightfully scruptious. Deb, the writer, chef and photographer has a post called Best Birthday Cake. It brought me back to when I was a little girl and my mother would make a cake that looked just like that…thanks, Deb!

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Mommy Moment June 3, 2011 at 2:29 am

How amazing is that! I am sure those 3 charities are grateful and I’m sure it made your birthday perfect!
I LOVE the picture in the post too 🙂


MamaMOE June 3, 2011 at 4:32 am

Thanks for the comment! Smiles right back at ya! Mama MOE


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