Mama MOE on CBC Radio – What to do with all that Halloween Candy?

Ok, ok, I know it’s November and there are lots of people gearing up for (dare I say it) the holidays. I know Halloween is gone in some people’s minds, but let’s face it, there is still a ton of treats left in your home, right? So here are some tricks (see what I did there?) for what to do with your treats.

First, here is the clip of me on CBC Radio with host, Shawn Apel and blogger, Kathy Kostlivy from and parenting author, Kenny Bodanis:

Click here to hear the segment on CBC Radio!

So since it was radio and there was limited time, I thought I would round up a few more tips and tricks for your stash of Halloween candy:

  • Remind your children that the candy is just part of it. Talk about the experience they had going out, dressing up and having fun instead of focusing on all the candy they can stuff in their mouths.
  • Compliment their behavior for the night (if it’s valid of course!). I had one kid come to my door and yell “Give me candy!” Let your kids know you were happy with their please and thank you’s for the night, and how people at the door appreciated that.
  • If you haven’t yet, go through the treats with your kids if they are old enough. Let them understand which treats are just no good for them and which can be kept for special times.
  • Although my boys enjoyed trading treats, I let them know that everything is going into one container and if and when they want something, I usually say yes (usually!).
  • Keep the sweet fruit and tasty vegetables part of this fall diet for your family. We always try to have a fruit as our ‘dessert’ after dinner. The more kids have the sweet taste of a honeydew melon or ripe berries, the more they will appreciate those tastes (perhaps even) more than some sweets.
  • And for next year, consider taking your children to the store to pick out candy to give out. My guys were concerned to find treats that had no peanuts, since they know some friends that have peanut allergies. We also looked for candies that did not have food colouring (they do exist!).
  • Check your area for any dentists trading candy for cash – yes, this is a thing! The goal is to encourage families to develop healthy dental habits.
  • Get your children into the spirit of giving. I found out that children in local women’s shelters do not go trick-or-treating for various reasons. Making small holiday packets for children in hospitals is also a possibility.

And what’s my tip for mamas in the home with all that candy? Ummm….

I admit I have had quite a few mini OhHenry’s since they came into the house. But like my kids, it wears off fast. My best tactic for my own sweet tooth is to freeze some for much, much later.

So what do YOU do with your family Halloween candy? I’d love to hear from you!

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