Halloween Family Crafts

Halloween is in just a few days and my kids are jumping off the walls already, and it has nothing to do with too much sugar. They are just very excited to enjoy the big day.

So far we’ve decorated the pumpkins, put a few decorations around the front of our home and I’ve prepared some treats for the trick-or-treaters.

Here are a few crafts you can do for Halloween that will not break the bank and are easy enough that everyone will get fantastic results they can be proud of. I have to thank the ever-loving Pinterest for theses inspirations.

Halloween Balloon Ghosts

  1. Ghosts on the tree

What you will need: cheese cloth (you can find it at the grocery store), white balloons, black felt and string

How to craft it up:

Blow up your balloon, place the tied part of the balloon up, then hang cheese cloth over the balloon, while sticking out the knotted end. Create some funny eyes and mouth out of the black felt and glue them onto the cheese cloth. Tie a string to the knotted end and voila! Hang it up on your tree for some floating ghosts in the wind.

Washi taped Halloween pumpkin

  1. Washi-taped pumpkins

What you will need: mini pumpkins, washi tape in any colours you like (can be found at most crafts stores)

How to craft it up:

Allow your children to experiment with this since it is a very forgiving tape. If you have very little children, a good idea would be to cut strips of the tape and place them on the table beside them for them to use. And that is it! Enjoy as they create decorated mini pumpkins in no time. You can place them all together in a bowl or a tall vase for a centerpiece at the table.

Banana Halloween Ghosts

  1. Ghost and pumpkin snacks

What you will need: bananas, mandarins, candied eyes or chocolate chips

How to craft it up:

Peel away the skin to both fruit. Cut the bananas in half and place them upright on a plate. Push the candied eyes/chocolate chips in the banana to make a face. If you want to be 100% healthy, you can even use raisins. For the mandarins, you can leave them as is, or add a pretzel stick as a stem.

There are SO MANY ideas on Pinterest, you can lose yourself and feel discouraged before you even start. But these crafts are easy and don’t require much at all to see a great result.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween filled with fun!


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