There’s Magic Happening at CF Carrefour Laval this Christmas Season {#CFMagicGiftWorkshop}

The other night I was invited for the big reveal of the Magic Gift Workshop (or Atelier magique in French) at the CF Carrefour Laval shopping center.

Now if you have been coming to Ask Mama MOE for a while, you know that I have a few feelings about shopping center Santas, and shopping in crowds. Well, it turns out that I may have found a mall I could get used to shopping at! CF Carrefour Laval is so spacious, you feel like you’re taking a stroll outside. There is a beautiful courtyard with fountains and comfortable seats, and right now there is a stunning, massive Christmas tree lit up for all to see.

I said to my husband, it’s like having every amazing shop from downtown Montreal in one location, with shelter from the winter elements! You can easily spend your whole day there just browsing, shopping and relaxing in the food court. I actually really enjoyed my experience.

But to make things even more exciting, I was able to take my children to see the Magic Gift Workshop before it was open to the public. My boys were the first children to enter the workshop and I broadcasted our experience.

The gift card that I was handed at the beginning was given to me by CF Carrefour Laval and it was a donation for a local charity. I just love that.

If you didn’t catch it from the video, you can actually schedule your time within the workshop, even before you get to the mall! That’s perfect for getting your gift shopping done in an organized way. Click here to schedule your appointment.


So what did my boys think? They were totally captivated! Here were some of the comments I got after:

“Can we go in again?”

“I want a Tufty for Christmas!”

“I want to see the Tufties again next year.”

What did I love about it? I loved seeing their reaction to something new and magical. And I’m happy I can have a little fun with them while my presents are being magically wrapped for me 😉 .

The Magic Gift Workshop is only available in two locations this year; where we were in CF Carrefour Laval near Montreal, and in Ottawa at CF Rideau Centre. The workshops will be available until December 24th. If you are near any of those locations (and even if you take a little drive to get there) your family will really enjoy it!

For more information on the incredible selection of stores awaiting you at the Cadillac Fairview locations visit .


Disclaimer: I was compensated and invited to the VIP experience of the CF Magic Gift Workshop for the facilitation of this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

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