Here’s to Us!

As you can see from the date, I have not been writing lately. Why? Good question. It is absolutely not for lack of inspiration. Nor is it from a lack reviews, and even giveaways. No. To be honest with you, my mind is all a flutter with the prospects of a new year at Ask Mama MOE.

However, this holiday season was, as it was for most of you, a complete whirlwind. From family coming in from out of town, to cooking the Christmas dinner for the first time, to entertaining, to creating Christmas for three little ones, this mama was busy! And you know what? I loved it! It was wonderful, really. That being said, I needed some time to relax after the holidays. I needed to just hold my children and talk to them alone. We spent time together with arts and crafts, performances, games, belly laughs and love. You know the expression, “I need a vacation from my vacation”? That. So writing anything live was postponed a tad.

But you will be happy to know that I am working on a revamp for the blog, as well as exciting new features! Meetings, notes, networking, and brainstorming are all taking place on a regular basis!

If you didn’t see my hashtag on Twitter yet, here it is: Procrastination Stays In 2012 (#procrastinationstaysin2012).

Isn’t that GREAT?! There is no pressure that I’m placing on myself, just the knowledge that I want to move forward. To me, moving forward means taking steps (baby steps count) to bettering my life this year. As a mama, you will always have projects that don’t get finished; it is just part of being a mama! And for some of us, that takes a lot of getting used to. I know it did for me. I would love nothing more to have my home organized, clean and clutter free. But with children, it truly has to be within reason.

I let my kids get messy, I enjoy seeing them play without (many) limits, and I revel in the fact that they feel this is their home with their space and their stuff.

So here’s to me! Here’s to you! Here’s to all of us mamas getting over the holidays and getting back into the routine! Looking forward to another great year with you!


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