Join Me in #TheGivingEffect , A TELUS Initiative

It was so hard to write this post because it was so hard to put down into words what I’m feeling.

Well, I can think of a few:

* Surprised

* Honoured

* Proud

I have been working along side with TELUS for almost a year now as a #TeamTELUS Advocate and just when I thought they couldn’t be more fantastic; they floor me with an e-mail:

“We believe that every act of giving – big or small – inspires another. Acts of generosity create a ripple effect of giving with friends, family and social audiences. We call this #TheGivingEffect.

  • We invite you to plan a volunteer event on June 1st that you can invite friends, family, and your followers to join.
  • We want you to pick a cause that’s important to you – an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, or perhaps a fundraiser for relief efforts in Fort McMurray.
  • We want to make a $1,000 donation to the charity of your choice.We ask that you use the hashtag #TheGivingEffect to share images and stories before, during and after your volunteer event.”

I want to let you, my readers know, this is strictly a giving campaign, and it goes above and beyond what I have been working on with TELUS already. As soon as I got this e-mail, I was numb. I couldn’t believe, that on top of everything they have provided for me, my annual charity event, my personal organisations I feel strongly in, they were, again going to give just for the sake of giving. This organized campaign, that requires money, time, media outreach, structure and employees to make it work, is all to give back.

Just watch this newest video by TELUS and you will see how special they are:

This video is the epitome of all that TELUS is. To hear me gush about the company, aligning yourself with only awesome people, and what we as consumers can do to make the world a little better, watch my Periscope video here).

It took me forever to decide on an organization that would be worthy of this gift from TELUS (because so many are). I have a list a mile long of charities I want to give to on an annual basis. It was really hard to decide, so, of course, I went to my boys.

“If you could give to anyone in the world for whatever reason, who would you give to?”

“The poor.” It was unanimous and in chorus.

My decision was made then and there.

After more discussion, they brought up other ideas, Fort McMurray, hospitals, but because their first decision was one coming straight from their minds and hearts, I have chosen to give my generous TELUS donation to a local food bank.

Each year, throughout the year, we as a family give in different ways:

  • Donating our gently used clothes to NOVA
  • Donating items we don’t need anymore to Renaissance
  • I donated business attire (and other items) to the local women’s shelter
  • We created an Advent basket of food to give to On Rock
  • We donate out time to our community by attending events that sponsor it in difference ways
  • I donate my time to my children’s school for library duty and other annual events
  • My husband donated his time to help with the school’s annual track and field all-day event
  • And on a grater scale, I have donated my time and efforts into managing Shopping From The Heart, for the past six years.

I’m writing these down, not to give myself a personal pat on the back. I’m writing them down to show you how all our efforts, big or small, are ways of giving back. I bet if you took the time to write things down too, you would see that as well.

Also, consider this list a jumping off point. If you are wondering what to do, how to do it, start small. And share your giving with others so they will feel the ripple of your efforts and do other acts of kindness.

So what will I do to get the word out?

For that you will have to watch my social feed today and tomorrow. I will be on Persicope, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posting with #TheGivingEffect . There may even be a surprise for you in it…so take a close look. And also please share with me how you will be celebrating this positive campaign (be sure to include my handle and the hashtag so I see your post!).

Get out there, friends!

Surprise someone, do something awesome and let me know about it!

Here’s to making this world better, one act of kindness at a time.

Let’s feel that ripple effect.

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