Grandma MOE’s White Chocolate Almond Bark

If you know me well…no, that’s not true. If you know me at all, you know that I love chocolate. There may be a time when diet and health will play a greater role in my sweet decisions, but for now, chocolate is a part of my day. I love a bit of chocolate at midday to give me a little oomph. My favorites are Lindt, Hershey’s, Toblerone, and then my true favourite: Nutella. Did you know that Papa MOE used to live right near the Lindt chocolate factory in Switzerland? And that we took a tour?! What a dream that was! (I’ll save that for another post)

As you can see by my go-to chocolates, I am strictly a milk chocolate lover. That is, with the exception of one fine white chocolate dessert. Grandma MOE used to make this for family and friends every holiday season in a beautiful chocolate wreath mould. I started the tradition last year, but this year I was a little late in the game. So I thought, why not introduce you to it for Valentine’s Day?

This is dead simple, and you will floor people when you tell them just how easy it is. Because when you give it a taste, it’s hard to believe there weren’t many more steps and ingredients to making it!

A special note! This is not a treat to make with little ones. The double boiler may splatter and the chocolate is too hot for little hands to get into accidentally (or on purpose for a taste!).

Grandma MOE’s White Chocolate Almond Bark
You will need:
– White chocolate chips
– Roasted almonds
– A double broiler
– A heat resistant spoon for stirring all the goodness together
– Wax paper
– Tins for storing your dessert

I didn’t give any measurements because you will need to decide how much or how little you want to make. I always buy a little more than I need so I can make it again in the near future!

Large white chocolate chips can be found at a baking store

First, place a few sheets of wax paper down, preferably on your kitchen counter. Remember you need the service to be heat resistant.

Start your double broiler by adding a quarter of the size pot you are using with water. Put that on high on your stove. Once the water starts to boil, lower the heat low, and place your bowl on top.

Double broiler at work

Place a few of the chocolate chips in the bowl and you will see it slowly start to melt. Continue adding the chips, stirring frequently, but slowly.

Keep adding until you feel you have enough for your first batch.

Melted chocolate – yum!

Next, add the roasted almonds, a little at a time. I like to roast the almonds myself, but this year I bought already roasted almonds. Frankly, it was pretty much the same, so skip the step if you can!

Continue adding the almonds until you feel there is enough for your spread.

Then, turn your heat off, take the double broiler off the heat, and carefully, with oven mitts, take your bowl away and pour the yummy goodness on a wax paper sheet.

Nighty night, almond bark. See you in the morning!

Spread it so that there are not too many almonds together or on top of each other. And voila! You now have a full sheet of almond bark that will now need to cool.

I had a few friends to give this to, so I did the same process another two times.

I covered them with another wax paper sheet and left them to cool overnight. You can most likely have the chocolate cool down in a few hours. And if you have space in your fridge or freezer, you could even place a wax paper on a cookie sheet (before you spread the chocolate!!) to cool there.

What a wonderful thing to wake up to!

Once the chocolate is completely cooled, start breaking the chocolate! Little ones can help with this part (if they can resist eating it!).

This is a fun part for kids to help you with!

Place your pieces in a festive tin lined with wax paper and you have a wonderful gift for someone special.

Hard to resist, isn’t it, little one?!

Trust me when I say this almond bark will be a BIG hit. Last year every friend I gave it to wanted the recipe. Not only that, they then went out, bought the ingredients and made their own when they ran out!

I’d love to hear what your favourite chocolate treats are and if you will be trying the recipe. Leave a comment below and feel free to pin this and share the love!

PS Thank you, Grandma MOE for teaching me this recipe. I love you xoxo

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