Top Birthday Gift Cards for Kids

Need some kid-friendly gift ideas? Gift cards for kids are underrated! Here are my top picks of gift cards that are great for little ones!

I’m not opposed to gift cards for birthday gifts, because sometimes, you just don’t know what a little person likes or doesn’t like these last few months. Their styles and interests can change often, so gift cards can make them happy to go out and find something with Mom and Dad.

If you are a gift giver without kids, or a family member that is just not sure what to get, I think a gift card is good for a child around grade three or four. Earlier than that, and the child will not understand or care. You can always gift the parent of a very small child a gift card, but that’s a different story, and a different post.

Present Ideas: Unique Gift Cards for Kids

If you want to think outside the box, here are some suggestions on what kinds of gift cards to get a child:

A Gift Card to their Favourite Ice Cream Shop

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? Find the local shop closest to the birthday boy or girl and ask for a gift card or certificate. Not only is it a delicious gift, it becomes an outing as well.

Get Them Their Favourite Tunes!

If music is their thing, getting an iTunes gift card is a cool alternative. They can pick their most recent favourite songs and make a playlist with Mom and Dad.

Treat Them to the Movies

Summer is a great time to head over to the movie theater for a matinee or movie night. Think how excited they will be when they can go to the ticket counter with their own gift card! Some movie theaters offer packages that even include popcorn and a drink. What a special event!

A Trip to a Water Park

If you know Mom and Dad have plans to take their family to a water park this summer, a kid’s day pass would be a super gift. It will also be something they can look forward to and remember who gave them this day of water fun.

A young brunette boy sliding down an orange water slide

Have Them Visit the Zoo

Same concept, a kid’s pass to the local zoo or aquarium is a sure-fire hit.

Treat Them to Some Bowling

Don’t knock it, kids love bowling. Giving them a gift card to a local bowling alley will be a perfect strike!

Encourage Their Artistic Side

A gift card for a special arts and craft store is fun for budding artist. Also, a pass to an art class could be a fun and creative idea as well.

For the Fashion-Forward Kiddos

Okay, this might not be a big win for all kids, but some are into fashion and might love the chance of going into their favourite clothing store with a gift card. This might also depend on the age of the child too. Tweens and teens might like it most.

A mother and daughter shopping for clothes

A Gift Card for Bookworms

Summer reading is going to be that much more enjoyable if the kids get to participate in the choosing and purchasing of a book or two. Here there are two choices or gift cards; one can be for a local book shop, another can be for audio books.

You Can Never go Wrong with Toys

And if you still aren’t sure what to get and you think going for a toy is the right route, then grab a gift card from your local toy store. No kid will be disappointed with a toy store gift card since the possibilities are endless!

To Summarize:

Gift cards for kids are underrated. If you’re wondering what to gift your little ones, gift cards to the following types of stores/experiences/museums, etc. are great ideas:

  • Ice cream shop
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Water parks
  • Zoos
  • Bowling
  • Art
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Toy stores

I hope this helps you when trying to find a gift for a little person you might not know very well. With all the birthday parties that kids are invited to, it’s nice to have this list of ideas in your back pocket.

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