It’s Frame-uary at Le Frame Shoppe!

One thing that always comes up during this month, with much thanks to Valentine’s Day, is the idea of preserving a memory.

I mean, let’s face it, all the DIY crafts, the artwork, and the items you collect in your home that surround you on a daily basis, are there because they mean something to you.

In any given room, I have a handful of items that friends notice and ask about, and I will gladly tell them the story behind them.

In my home, I don’t have a lot of real estate on tables and counters. This is mainly because I have little ones running around and don’t like the idea of a precious memorabilia getting knocked over during play time. So I try to hang things in our home that can be appreciated and talked about with fond affection. I love showcasing artwork, pictures, and even unusual items on our walls.

But what sometimes falls short is the beautiful framework around said items. Well, not anymore! I’m doing an overhaul on some special pieces and Le Frame Shoppe is going to help me do it.

This month they have dubbed “Frame-uary” (cute, huh?) and to kick it off, they are having an “I Love Framing” Valentine’s Day themed event.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find an item (artwork, picture, or memorabilia of any kind) that is special to you and bring it to Le Frame Shoppe.
  • Write down why you love this item and you will automatically get 20% off your custom order
  • Follow along of Le Frame Shoppe’s Facebook page to see the stories roll in, and whichever story gets the most likes at the end of the month will WIN THEIR FRAMING FOR FREE.

I, for one, am signing myself up for a very special piece I already brought into Le Frame Shoppe. It’s a painting that has hung in my family home forever and during the move of belongings this year, it got ripped right in the middle! I had brought it into Le Frame Shoppe to see if there was ANY way to save it, and lo and behold, they repaired it! (I truly didn’t think it was even possible). But now this piece needs a new frame and I want to win it! To read more full “I Love Framing” story, visit their Facebook page, and click a like, would you pretty please?

before repair

Can you believe there is a way to fix this?


There are for sure a handful of thing in your home that you said you would frame “one day” – I know it! Well, now is your chance.

The “I Love Framing” event officially begins on February 14th so start looking in your home for your special items and swing by Le Frame Shoppe soon!


Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, however all opinions, as always, are honest and my own.

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