Being an Emotionally Aware Parent – An in-depth conversation with Dr. Cindy Hovington

Do you consider yourself to be an emotionally aware parent? Dr. Cindy Hovington, a neuroscientist and fellow Montrealer has been using this term lately. In our conversation, she explains what this means, and how we can all learn coping skills to help better parent our children.

I have been a long-time fan of podcasts. They are the perfect companion when I’m cleaning around the home, running errands, or waiting for my kids in the car. I had the pleasure of having an in-depth chat with Dr. Cindy Hovington of the Curious Neuron Podcast.

From neuroscience to parenting, and combining the two

Cindy is a neuroscientist and a mother of three children. She founded Curious Neuron to offer parents a reliable, science-backed resource. It’s a supportive and informative podcast that is a pleasure to listen to. We had a great conversation about her incredible podcast, parenting, emotional regulation skills and mental health.

Some questions Cindy answered in our discussion

  • What have we learned about parenting from research?
  • Does misbehavior in children stem from emotional and mental health?
  • How can parents teach their kids to cope with emotions if they didn’t learn it themselves?
  • What does it mean to be “dysregulated”?
  • Why is parental mental health so important for our child’s own well-being?
  • Why is self-compassion important for parents to practice?

And much more. Enjoy the video!

Insight into parenting, backed by science

I loved talking with Cindy about her podcast and parenting. She is a wealth of information and such a pleasure to chat with on these important topics. What struck you the most in this conversation? I cannot wait to hear the new season of The Curious Neuron Podcast, the subjects on mental health will be so inspiring. As I mentioned, I love her podcast because studies and science-based research have been done to understand what is going on with your child and, as we discussed, what is going on with you as a parent. We have so much to offer our children, and her podcast breaks down situations to better understand where actions and reactions come from.

To start you off, here are Cindy’s top three podcast episodes to date:

To learn more about The Curious Neuron Podcast and read the Curious Neuron blog, visit

The Curious Neuron Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible and Amazon Music.

Cindy is also active on Instagram @curious_neuron


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