This Year is Going to Kick Last Year’s Butt

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been a while! How have you been? I’ve been working behind the blog to create an awesome new year ahead.

The above picture was taken this summer and the quote was something my father used to say often. I looked up the origin of the quote but it was a bit sketchy. Usually I give credit to the author of everything but to be honest with you, this quote will remain one from my father in my mind. Grandpa MOE had a wickedly positive view on life despite everything life threw his way.

Between my mother and father, our home was a happy one, filled with love and strength. There was nothing too hard, too long, too tedious, or too impossible. Sure there were struggles, like every family, but their pride was so great in my sister and me that it lifted us up all the time.

Once they both passed away, well, that changed. My cheerleaders were gone. I had no “ra, ra, ra” behind me. I miss the love and support more than anything. Just over the holidays, when my husband and I took our trip to Las Vegas for CES, once we got into the hotel, I cried. Why? Because without even thinking, I wanted to pick up the phone and let my parents know we arrived safely.

Yep. That happens.

One thing for sure is that, if I’m quiet, and pensive, I know they are still cheerleading me on. My successes are greatly made thanks to them. What they instilled in me is what leads me forward. And now I have a few more cheerleaders. They are little but they rock my world. My kids lead me to be the most successful I can be.

Do you have cheerleaders? Do you have people around you that keep you moving forward in a path that will create an awesome you? If not, get some for 2016! We all need them. And we all do NOT need people around us that are negative. And truthfully, the more positivity we create, the less negativity there will be. I know, cheesy, but SO true.

If you are looking for motivation, I’m going to be spreading some here, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and FOR SURE on Periscope. I listened to the Periscope Summit in California this week and it is clear, the new collective is a massive positive vibe. You just have to listen to it. If you are looking at who to follow to give you a boost, find me on Periscope and check out who I follow. These people are awesome!

One of my goals this years is to spread the love on Periscope – it’s an amazing platform and the people that are making waves there are so inspiring. I’m learning but very hopeful it will be a big deal in my social media world. To check out my older broadcasts, you can find them here. I want to write more, but will stop here for fear of a long-winded post. But there is MUCH more to say on this topic.

Here’s to a new year with some seriously good vibes! Happy to have you all in my corner, and you know I’m in yours. 😉

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Sabrina Tong January 18, 2016 at 11:44 pm

I think that as time goes on our cheerleaders come and go. I relate it to that poem, A reason, A season, and a lifetime. There are people who come into your life for a reason. There are people who only stay for a season and there are people who stay for a lifetime.

I cut out negative people all the time. It’s just too draining. Life is short and I don’t want my short life to wallow in someone else’s misery.

I find that when you’re positive, life is much more rewarding.

Julia a.k.a Mama MOE January 4, 2023 at 12:50 pm

I understand your comment so much, Sabrina. No one needs negativity in their lives, and unfortunately some people can be the cause of negativity. And while some situations, and events can be so difficult, trying to find positivity on the day-to-day is rewarding. Thanks for your comment!


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