The Goodness of Apples & Apple Based Products

I don’t know about you, but I find it really easy to feed my children well. However, when it comes to me, I am getting stinking lousy at it! With the change in season, and the rush of school activities and holidays ahead, it would make perfect sense to eat well for my own health. But here I am, a little under the weather and I should have practiced what I always preach.

An Apple A Day…

Apples play a significant role in my children’s diets. Each day, each of my children will have a whole apple for an early morning snack, along with other fruit. And each day, they have some apple juice at lunch. We always go apple picking each fall season. Not only is it so much fun as a family activity, but we take full advantage of those ripe apples on a daily basis! So why then, have I not been eating apples? I can’t say for sure. It’s partly because I tend to feed everyone else well and think of myself after the fact.

Well, thanks to the SunRype campaign I am participating in, I am giving myself a challenge to eat better, and I am starting with apple juice. Does that sound funny? When we think of apple juice we usually think of “the” juice for children. I mean, you can find it everywhere, right? Well, I will tell you something, not all apple juices are made equal! Apple juice does not need any added sugar. Apples do just fine on their own at being sweet. SunRype’s Pure Not From Concentrate Apple Juice is made from fresh pressed apples. And I have to say, when I tried SunRype’s apple juice, I could taste a sincere difference. Research suggests that apple juice may help ward off age related mental issues like Alzheimers.  Knowing that is another good reason to sip on some apple juice during the day. I also like to add a little carbonated water to my apple juice for a more adult taste.

Apples In Other Ways

I add apples to a lot of my dishes too! I have a great turkey loaf for the kids that calls for apple sauce. So I use SunRype’s unsweetened apple sauce for the meal. I also like to give my kids apple sauce as a side when we have pork chops. And just recently, I went to have lunch out with my twins and my sandwich was turkey, havarti cheese and apple slices. The sweet and tart flavour of the apple gave such a nice taste to the meal.

Aside from their apple sauce, SunRype has a variety of other products with apples in them:

  • Other juices such as AppleLime and Apple Orange Peach (so good!)
  • Fruit snacks like Fruit to Go bars and other fruit purees
  • FruitSource and Just Fruit & Grains bars contain apple as well

So the next time I go to slice an apple, or pour some apple juice for my children, I will make a conscious effort to do the same for myself. Plus, I am going to throw in a few Fruit to Go bars in my purse to help myself out even more.

Disclosure: I am participating in the SunRype campaign with PTPA. I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

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