No More Likes on Pinterest

Part of my summer break is about sitting and enjoying some time on Pinterest to daydream about imaginary cottages, travel ideas, home decorating and recipes. And since summer is around the corner, I thought I would take a quick look over on Pinterest to see what I had recently liked.

When I did, I had a mini panic attack. Why, you ask? If you are not a Pinner, you may not care about this information. And if you are a smart Pinner, you might equally not care. I am neither of those things and therefore lost my mind when I didn’t see my liked pins anymore.

I am a person who loves to find the source of a pin, so sometimes I like a pin in order to search for its source later and pin it properly. I also take way too long to decide if I really want to save a pin or if I just casually like something. And finally, I don’t always have just the right board for some pins so I simply like them instead, and consider going back to them in the future.

That future never really came, and I curated 3259 liked pins.

That’s right.

I can’t help it! As it turns out, a lot of those likes could have been pins saved on boards, but it was never my first reaction when surfing Pinterest.

So now you can understand how I might have felt when all those likes were no longer visible.

After reading up on the Pinterest blog, it was a decision that began to take shape in April and to my relief, and maybe yours too if you like pins like me, all my liked pins were saved under a private board called Your Pinterest Likes. Phew!

In reality, it might save me some time by seeing the liked pins together and deciding if they should be saved on another board or removed all together.

Just thought I would pass on this information in case you were wondering the same thing. Do you have any social media questions? I’m happy to answer them in small posts like this. Leave your question in a comment below.

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Happy pinning!

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