What Hugging A Baby Actually Does

It may just seem like a simple loving act from a mother to her child, but every moment your newborn baby is getting a hug, they are being nourished in so many powerful ways.

I remember researching this when I was pregnant with my twins. Being pregnant with twins gives you the foresight to plan a little differently and a little more. I knew they would most likely be in the NICU for a little while and wanted to strategically plan for when I was not beside them. The reality is I could have planned forever, and it would not have mattered. Their arrival was not in my control, and how long they spent in the NICU was also out of my control. It was so hard to not be with them all the time after they were born. It was especially hard knowing that every gentle touch from their mama was going to help them in so many ways. A toddler at home, and two preemie babies in separate incubators on slightly different schedules…that first month all I wanted was to hold them all together.

In honor of World Prematurity Day, I wanted to let you know about an initiative by Huggies.

Through the No Baby Unhugged program, Huggies has provided $50,000 in funding to two Canadian hospitals, with more planned. To-date, Huggies has partnered with Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney, Nova Scotia and Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, offering funding to cover hugging chairs and stations, along with dozens of Hugger Volunteers in the neonatal intensive care units to help ensure all babies get the hugs they need. Over 600 babies are admitted to these hospitals each year, where hundreds of hours of care are offered by trained volunteers.

A Hugger Volunteer! Can you believe it? How wonderful!

There are many hospitals that would like this program as well, and Huggies is trying to get more hospitals equipped. On their website you can show your support by becoming a No Baby Unhugged Mom and Huggies will send you a free pack of diapers and donate $5 to their project, ensuring babies get the hugs they need.

And from the bottom of my heart, to all the volunteers and staff that help little preemies around the world in their first moments of life, THANK YOU.

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored in any way. I just really wanted to share this amazing initiative with you.

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