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It’s 11:05pm. You just got your baby to sleep, you’re tired and feeling run down. You can’t wait to wash up and go to bed. While washing, you notice your right breast is more firm than usual. You know you just breastfed the baby but it feels a little different. What can you do at this time of the day? Should you try to get a doctor’s appointment for this? Is it something to Google? But then if you Google it, you may find things that are false and make you worry for nothing…enter

Imagine being able to reach a healthcare professional 24/7. Private messages to and from nurses, virtual weekly support groups led by experts, and curated clinical articles and videos are all available in this online, digital healthcare company.

Travelling to Las Vegas to CES, I was able to meet a lot of incredible people making a real difference in the health and well-being of babies and children. One such person was Melissa Hanna, the CEO of Melissa and her mother, renowned healthcare provider Linda Hanna, decided to create in order to help mothers and infants from birth to birthday. The site is a fantastic and helpful partner to mamas on their new and amazing journey.

The team consists of registered nurses, board-certified lactation consultants, registered dietitians, certified massage therapists, sleep trainers, emotional wellness counselors, and more. Imagine how much of a comfort and advantage this could be as a new mama. I would have loved to have this service at my fingertips when my boys were babies.

How It Works

The monthly membership includes a private inbox for unlimited messaging with health practitioners, weekly virtual support groups, and a personalized digital content experience that evolves with mom and baby. Members also receive discounted pricing on all one-on-one virtual appointments scheduled with members of the Mahmee provider network.

If you just want to pop in and join a support group chat, you can do that as well, without a subscription. But based on prices, I would sign up for the membership subscription, especially during the first year of baby’s little life.

With a mobile app to launch in 2016, this amazing resource will be available on the go as well. For now, you can get everything on their site with their services at any time of the day or night.


I’m honored to be spotlighted over at this week for their #MahmeeMonday. And that’s just the beginning! I will be speaking with twins support specialist, Megan Kiachko, this Thursday for their Twins and Multiples Support Group. To join the conversation click on this link: . Go ahead and sign in for the 28th for twins and multiples support. The one hour session costs $15 dollars and it will be a wealth of information from Megan. I can’t wait to speak with her about twin life, breastfeeding and more! There are limited spots available so please let all your friends of multiples know!

To learn more about, connect with them on these platforms:

Please share the love! Let all your mamas of twins and multiples know and invite them to join in on the conversation on Thursday.

Thank you!

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