Ultimate Blog Party 2011 Review

Can you get a hangover from a blog party?

It’s three days since the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 finished and I am still recovering…in a good way!

As I had mentioned, it was my very first attempt at social networking in this fashion and I thoroughly enjoyed it. To be honest, it kind of blew my mind. As mentioned during one the chats, bloggers have a feeling of being in a bubble at times. I write what I feel is important and worthy of other women’s time to read my posts. But, as I mentioned in my intro post, I had no idea who might stumble across my blog and get in touch with me, let alone enjoy what I was writing! The bubble has been been popped, ladies! I can’t believe how many of you reached out to me and my little write-ups during this event. I am just a newborn compared to some of these amazing bloggers that I ‘met’ during the eight day extravaganza. It took a while (and I’m still learning) to figure out what to do, where to go, how to reply and what to comment. But I’m getting the hang of it now and it will take me days to respond to everyone. I haven’t even come close to getting through the list of UPBP11 bloggers. But the beauty about this event is that the ladies at 5minutesformom.com will leave the list of bloggers on their site forever so I don’t have to rush through it – thank God! During the week that this party was going on, I was glued to my computer screen the moment my children where napping or down for the night. It was addictive! And I can tell you I didn’t get much sleep, partying ’till the wee hours of the morning. It made for coffee filled mornings, but I was so pumped full of energy and motivation that it made me happier even though I was zonked! My husband didn’t quite get it. And it was hard to explain. “So, you’re all online at the same time? What are doing? Who are these people?” By the end of the party, my husband was cheering me on! He even snuck in to see the video discussion that took place on the Thursday evening with the ladies from 5minutesformom.com.

Lifting me up
So, with all the excitement of this event, the UBP11 sparked something inside of me I thought was all together gone. With all the chores and responsibilities there are with raising three children, I have been putting my creativity on hold. ‘When they are older’, I would tell myself. But I just can’t wait. I have too much desire to express myself in many areas of life, as I am sure most mothers do. I started blogging before the party began, but the Ultimate Blog Party held my hand into a new world of real women, strong women, women who have dwelt with the unthinkable, or who are dealing with serious difficulties right now. And they are all writing. Writing for others and more importantly, writing for themselves. The community of bloggers is special and inviting and just what I needed. So thank you to all the bloggers out there that I recently ‘met’ and I hope to meet a whole lot more of you! A big thank you the Susan and Janice at 5minutesformom, for making this event happen! With love, Mama MOE


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Kelly's Lucky You April 12, 2011 at 1:51 am

I love the UBP too! So fun to find new bloggers!

I hope you’ll link up at Stumble Tumble Tuesday again this week.

I stumbled you and would love it if you stumble me back http://kellysluckyyou.com/2011/04/3493/

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) April 12, 2011 at 6:12 am

I am so thrilled that you’ve had such a great experience at the party!!!

It is definitely thanks to the whole community taking place and making it a welcoming and fun experience.

Thank you so much for joining and sharing your excitement with us.

Talk soon,

Maple Leaf Mommy April 14, 2011 at 4:42 am

So glad you found the spark you were looking for. Good luck!


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