Making Toys Accessible and Invisible

Is it possible? Yes!

Ok maybe not always, but it’s worth a shot. My kids are at the stage of building and constructing, and they have been for some time now.  It’s great! It uses their imagination and I love to see what they will make next. When a special occasion happens, like a birthday or a holiday, chances are at least one of them will get a Lego set. And don’t forget, I have three kids…it can mount up very fast.

So how can you make a fantastic activity like Lego become invisible to the naked eye but accessible to three kids whenever they want? I tried the bins…they stayed open and never fit everything inside.  Then I saw something amazing in a home decorating magazine. It wasn’t meant for Lego, but it made me think of my home and my kids and then it clicked.


Wasted Space Be Gone!

I thought that the space under the living room couch looked better without anything there. But then I realized it was just wasted space. And considering the amount of toys and kids we have, it just seemed silly. So, my husband and I took one whole day to find the perfect size baskets to fit under each space. We did some back and forth and finally found a perfect match. What do you think?

The Deal On Clutter

Learning from the master on clutter control, Peter Walsh taught me the ‘one in, one out’ rule on clutter. As long as their Lego can fit in the baskets easily, then that is the maximum they are allowed to have. If they want/get more, they have to decide what to give away. It seems harsh but let’s face it, they are not lacking in the toy department if they have three out of five bins devoted to Lego alone. I would love to tell you this rule works on everything in the house but I would be lying. It’s idealistic at best, but we’re trying here!

What I like most is that the kids feel a sense of independence and pride. It’s a small thing but having a designated place for their Lego allows them to get it themselves and put it back when they’re done.  Good for me and good for them.

Have you got a great solution to storing your toys of a million pieces? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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