Tyler Shaw at WE Day Montreal

With the WE Day tour starting up again, I wanted to look back on the great experience I had last year in Montreal. Somebody asked me recently how many WE Days I have attended. I think I clock in at six events; five in Montreal, and one in Ottawa. I have had the honour of listening and meeting amazing leaders, peace promoters and young world changers. Every event has been unique and inspiring. I am in awe with the palpable positive energy that fills the theater or stadium. You have to be there to understand it.

I like to think I’m up on my pop music, but when I go to WE Day, I am reminded that I am not! Sure, I recognize the music, but newer artists’ names are not at the tip of my tongue like they used to be. Of course I knew Tyler Shaw’s music. I knew it because I heard it on the radio and really liked it. If you are a proud Canadian, you know that if you turn on a radio station, you will hear Tyler Shaw at some point in the day. His pop music is sweet and his voice is smooth. But I had to take a moment to look him up before I could sit and chat with him properly. Sad but true! Tyler was a gentleman, and it was a pleasure to speak with him.

I love that Tyler has toured so much with WE Day and performed for countless fans. When he performed in Montreal, the audience of students went crazy and sang every word to his top songs right along with him. I can’t be sure if Tyler will perform again this February in Montreal, since the lineup is not officially released yet. But I can tell you that his new single will be out at the top of January 2018. I am hoping his new album will include his inspired work from Kenya with WE. I can only imagine what beautiful music he wrote about his eye-opening time there.

To learn more about WE Day in your area and how you or your child can earn their way to the event, visit www.WE.org.


A special thank you to TELUS for giving me the opportunity to speak with Tyler Shaw and others at the WE Day event in Montreal.

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