Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Ok, so you are a month into school with your child or children, for the first year, or maybe the last year, and things are moving along.
I myself am in the first year with my first child, and time is rushing. Do you ever feel that way? My first little baby is in school. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday my husband and I were bringing him home from the hospital. Time surely flies when you are a parent. And it just doesn’t stop. But if I may suggest to take a pause this weekend. Please take advantage of the long weekend with your family. In some way, enjoy the moments that seem fleeting in a busy world with a busy household and a busy lifestyle.

Put the phone down.

Turn off the tv.

Run the errand later.

Say no to a few things…

Say yes to your children.

And say thank you.

Thank you for my blessings that I have been honoured to raise and look after.

Thank you for my mama, who I admire more every day, even more so now that I am a mama.

Thank you to the teachers who have been teaching new and great things to my child.

Thank you for my health, my happiness, my loves, my losses, thank you for it all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your moments.

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Cheryl @ KidsOnAPlane October 12, 2012 at 2:12 am

I loved this post. I did just that this past weekend. Made it all about my children. I turned off the cellphone, computers and didn’t go on Twitter.

I LOVED IT! Loved it so much I almost wanted to continue this no technology break for the rest of the week.

It’s true about time flying by so quickly after you have kids. My daughter also started school this year and I can’t believe it. It seemed like only a few months ago she was coming home all colicky and now she’s 4.

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Julia M. C-G November 9, 2012 at 2:20 am

Thanks for the sweet comment, Cheryl! I did enjoy the weekend – it was nice to slow down and enjoy the moments 🙂


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