The Star –  A New Favourite Christmas Movie

This time of year, we always carve out family movie nights to watch our favourite Christmas movies. There are the classics like Frosty and Rudolph, and then there are the funny ones like Elf and Muppets Christmas, but there was never one movie we loved that combined fun and the first Christmas story for children, until now.

Sony Pictures Animation, The Star, has the charm and fun of a typical animation film, but it still combines the story of the birth of Jesus as the main subject. The donkey you have read and heard about many times, bringing Mary on his back to Bethlehem is now the main character in this film and his name is Bo. His quirky, determined way brings animals together to follow the star, and to help save Mary and Joseph on their journey.

The cast of actors is huge on this film, and there will be many voices you will recognize, like Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Clarkson and Kristen Chenoweth to name a few.  The songs are sweets and catchy and I’m sure they will be a hit with your family once you hear them.

We all loved the film, but my first reaction after seeing the movie was “finally”. It was so refreshing to see a well thought out movie that is new and fun for children of today that still carries the Nativity Story so well. My boys all had a favourite animal character and one said he was happy they included dogs in the Nativity Story because that was new and he loves dogs. One thing that one of my twins said after that struck me was “I hope they make another movie about Jesus growing up”. I actually hope they do too! Children are in need of new takes on our faith stories that are easy to watch and hear and true in our faith.

A beautiful story all around, I highly recommend this movie for your family this Christmas! Check your local movie theaters for listing times.

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