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Ever since I was a young girl, I can remember the painting with the balloons hanging on our family living room wall. It was the largest piece of art we had, and the most beautiful. It was purchased at a local art studio and the painting was done by a well-known local artist, most likely in the mid 70’s.

The painting was the central focus of our family living room. It was in ‘the green room’ where our nicest furniture sat, wrapped in velvety mint green upholstery. Whenever there was a family picture to be taken, we would all congregate to the green room in front of the balloon painting.

This painting was the main background for all our family events, milestones, and get-togethers. So when it was time to sell the family home after my parents passed away, I knew the balloon painting would be kept.

After my mother passed away, in the process of moving out our family belongings from the home, the painting experienced a horrible tear, right in the middle of it. I thought for sure, there was nothing I could do to save it. If anything, I thought I might be able to salvage part of the painting and re-frame a small memento from all its years on our family wall.

As a very last inkling of hope, I asked Le Frame Shoppe to take a look to see what could be done. Not only were they able to repair the canvas to the point where, to the naked eye, you would never know where the tear even was, but it made me have new hope for the piece and now I want to put it in a place of honor in my home.

To do that, I needed to reframe the painting. I needed the painting to be the showcase, and the frame to be the wrapping to represent my love for this family memory. I sought the help of Matt and Tanya, the husband and wife team behind Le Frame Shoppe. The service and care I received to find just the right frame to compliment my painting was fantastic. Quality time was taking to make sure I found what I wanted and what looked best for my home as well.

Here is the result:

What a difference a frame can make! Now THIS is a way to make your painting stand out.


No sign of damage. I am so happy!

What a difference! It is proudly displayed in our living room now.

What Would You Frame?

Think of something that means a great deal to you. Imagine it is not a painting. Get creative and think of something unusual that you would want preserved and framed. Is it a t-shirt (that doesn’t fit anymore) from an epic rock concert? What about your child’s artwork that is a little oversized and 3 dimensional? Or what about an item like a signed hockey puck for your child’s room? All these things are possible at Le Frame Shoppe! What a pleasure it would be to see something you treasure up on a wall instead of stored in a closet. What I’ve learned in this decluttering journey is that you should honour the things that mean something to you with a special place in your home.

Keeping Care of Your Memories

Do you have any hand-written letters from a loved one? Or old passports from your ancestors? How about a photograph that is one of a kind that you don’t want to see fade away? Le Frame Shoppe specialized in helping you preserve your special mementos. And right now, for the month of February, they have a promotion for all conservation materials. Now would be a great time to show some love to your special memories and get them preserved the right way.

Every way to preserve your memorabilia is available at Le Frame Shoppe.

More Locations To Serve You Better

Recently, Le Frame Shoppe open their third location in the West Island of Montreal. With studios in Westmount, Dorval and now Beaconsfield, there are various places for Montrealers to get their custom framing done. When it comes to customer care on your most prized possessions, it’s important to feel that the team working on your pieces are thinking of your needs. I highly recommend Le Frame Shoppe for all your custom framing. I hope you can take even just one memento and give it a place of honour in your home. It really makes a difference to see your treasure on your wall and it gives you a sense of appreciation for them like nothing else can.

A bright and shiny new Le Frame Shoppe location!

To learn more about Le Frame Shoppe visit their website here.


Disclosure: I compensated to facilitate this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

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