The Perfect Back-To-School Command Center

It’s here, mamas. There’s no turning back now.

Back. To. School.

Whether you had an early start or a late one, we’re all in it now, and the routine of scheduled days is upon us.

How’s it going for you so far? Did you fill out all your slips? Sign every form? Send in any envelopes with money for activities? Already get birthday party invitations?

If you took the lax road of an easy breezy summer, getting all these papers in place without losing them can be daunting, never mind the after-school activities and scheduling of each child’s school week.

This year, my little ones are all in some form of school or another (as I hold back the tears). So that meant I had to get us ready and organized for a new lifestyle and routine. Since they are at different schools and the schedule is not always in sync, I needed our mornings to run smoothly and our calendar to stay neat so we can see what is coming up.

So when 3M contacted me and wanted to send me a package of Command Clear products to get ready for back-to-school, I knew exactly what section of my home I was going to tackle: the command center! Perfect, right?

I was already a Command Strip fanatic. We have various Command Strips all over our house, and the best part is that no one actually knows they are strips! I have three brushed steel hooks on the back of our bathroom and it has held big bath towels there for years without any problems. I use a Command Strip on my front door for a wreath and it works wonderfully, and I also have some in the children’s rooms to hang their sweaters at their current height. I love that I will be able to adjust the heights as they grow without ruining the walls with nail holes.

Command Center

We stationed our command center in our kitchen, off our pantry. It’s the hub of the home and it works well so close to the kitchen table. We can make sure things are in order each morning.

When it comes to the command center of the house, you need a few things:

  • a big calendar that has enough room each day to write down activities and events
  • a weekly schedule to mark down specific constants of the week with their locations and times
  • a pen and a dry erase marker
  • a notepad and pen

You would be fine with just that, but here are a few additions I made to get us ready:

  • hooks for lunch boxes
  • a birthday calendar to remember everyone’s special day
  • a small hanging file folder to place important newsletters from the school, as well as birthday invitations, sports schedules, etc.

So are you ready to see my big reveal?

Here is it!

Absolutely no holes made! Hurray for 3M Command Strips!

Absolutely no holes made! Hurray for 3M Command Strips!

So happy with the way this turned out!

So happy with the way this turned out!

I want to thank 3M for the opportunity to take my command center to the next level with Command Strips! Now if I can just tackle my own office space with the same excitement. Good thing I have lots of extra Command Strips to help me!



Disclosure: I was compensated for this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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Catherine August 30, 2019 at 4:03 pm

Love this, I’m obsessed with Command hooks! Makes decisions about where to hang things so easy when you don’t have to worry about making holes in the wall.

Julia a.k.a Mama MOE October 1, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Right?! So easy. We use them everywhere.


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