Once Baby Is Born – 5 Things To Do For Mama

I haven’t written much lately for a lot for reasons and one of the most exciting reasons is because my sister had her first baby!! I’ve been going over to help out when I can and it reminded me of all the things I needed during my first weeks with my first baby. So here is a list of five things you can do if one of your friends or family members has recently had a baby:

  1. Knock quietly – or better yet, text her outside the door. Hell hath no fury like a mama who just got their baby to sleep only to be woken up by a doorbell.
  2. Come in and wash your hands – some mamas won’t ask you to, and might be squeaky clean, but it will set her as ease to see you taking the step to prep yourself for the baby visit.
  3. Bring something to eat – don’t show up empty handed! Even if it’s a quick run to pick up some donuts, I guarantee before you even sit down, mama will grab some eats if you bring them. And if you can swing it, bringing a casserole or homemade baked goods will be a fantastic gift.
  4. Offer to hold baby while mama a) changes, b) goes to the washroom/showers, or c) eats. Big bonus if you can offer mama a nap and watch the baby for her in another room.
  5. Visit in short spurts – little babies need rest and milk. All. The. Time. Chances are the baby will either be sleeping or nursing at some point during your visit. Staying an hour or two to help out and say congratulations is plenty for the first little while. And mama won’t kick you out so figure it out yourself.

The biggest thing to remember is this:

Mama is tired, which can lead to second guessing, forgetfulness and mood swings. But your new-mama friend is still the friend you had before so be there for her when you can.

I hope this list helps. If you would add anything else to this list, what would it be? Leave your comment below, I’d love to hear from you!


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