Summer Coffee Kick

Ok, I lied.

On Instagram, I wrote a week ago that I would post this recipe the same night since I wanted everyone to have it, since it was so good. Here I am, only posting now.

I wasn’t lying when I wanted you all to have this recipe I created. And I may not be the first person in the world to put these ingredients together, but I felt like a creative genius when I tasted my concoction, made without any written or visual aids to guide me.

But a lot can happen in a week, am I right?

My beautiful niece was born and I had my charity event to close and Mother’s Day and my birthday…so without further delay, here. it. is.

It couldn’t be simpler:

summer coffee kick pic

ingredients for coffee drink

Put them all together in a blender, with or without ice (I added about a cup of ice) and you have a drink that will last you through the day. The banana and almond butter give you some protein, while the Nutella nicks those afternoon cravings and satisfies your sweet tooth.

I hope you give it a try, and let me know if you do!

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